Donald's Breakfastosaurus


I’m looking for feedback on this Character Breakfast as I think it’d be really fun for my Fab Five (ages 16, 14, 12, 9, and 7).
Thanks in advance!


Donald’s Breakfastosaurus is at the AK in the McDonalds restaurant. We’ve done it several times and it’s a lot of fun! (8-10:30 a.m.) $16.99, $8.99 children. Joe


Thanks, Joe! I think this is a “definate” for our trip! :smile:


We are doing it in September!! Watch for my TR and I will make sure I include it!! I hear it is great!!


Great! I love reading Trip Reports! Makes me want to go NOW!


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You will love this breakfast! This one is by far my favorite! Lots to eat and the waiters are fun! Have a good time!


How long does an average “breakfast” last? Should I try and get the earliest PS available so we can get into AK as soon as it opens (or shortly thereafter)??? :confused:


You are already in the AK. When you get to the front gate, if you have a PS before the park opens, tell the CM’s and they should have your name on a list and they will let you in early. Go to Dinoland and have breakfast! When you are done (say 1 hour) you just go where you want to in the AK. Joe


We went in May and loved it. They will lead you back in a group to the restaurant, if your PS is before the park opens. We had a PS for 9:00 and were out by 10:00 to roam the park. Everything was great, including the characters. I had read, and heard, that the CM’s are real jokesters, but ours wasn’t. We saw others goofing around with their tables, but I guess our CM was too overwhelmed…I don’t know. But we really enjoyed the breakfast and fun.


We have done this two times both early and late in the morning. By far, earlier was better. Despite the PS, it tends to get back up quite a bit. I think you can get a PS for before the park opens. I’d go for this. :mickey:


We have done a PS before the park opens twice and would do it again!! We love it! This is our family’s favorite CB!! Enjoy!


I have never been there but by the looks of the post here…it sounds gr8. i think that i will have to try it!
Gr8 post!


We eat here everytime we go. We love it so much–the food is great and Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Pluto are too FUNNY!!! You guys will enjoy it… :mickey:


We did the character breakfast there in 2002 and of all the ones we did (Winnie the Pooh at Crystal Palace, Princess Breakfast at Norway, and Cinderella’s Castle) I thought that one had the best food. It was a buffet, and they had an excellent selection and a lot of stuff I didn’t see anywhere else. The characters also seemed to spend a little longer with the kids despite the fact that it seemed to be the busiest one of them all. You’re going to have a great time at this one.


We loved this CB, and agree with what everyone else is saying. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is very upbeat. Also, the pranks are a blast! Can’t wait to go back!


I’m getting psyched after reading this thread! We have a 8:00 PS there next month. Nice to hear the positive comments. We’re looking forward to being in the park before it officially opens.


Breakfastsaurus? Yes! Very good choice of menu items. Plus, any time you mix kids and characters, you have an instant good time for the kids. Yes, get your seating for before the park opens, but make sure you arrive early as well. Otherwise, you might get caught waiting for the morning opening ceremony. But don’t overlook Crystal Palace either, I think that’s still the only place for Pooh.