Donald's Breakfastosaurus



I’ve never been to this character meal and my daughter told me she’d like us to take my grandson when we visit WDW next month.

I am not sure about this but I think I read that one is able to dine here before AKL actually opens. I recall reading in another thread that someone ate at the breakfast and was ble to walk on rides when they finished because the park was just opening. So, my question is, if this is true, what is a good time to make an ADR so that the timing will be “right” RE: coinciding with finishing the meal and the park opening.

(Am I making sense? This post sounds a bit convoluted to me and I wrote it! I’m a bit overtired . . . )



lopo…first of all you are making sense. You can make ADR’s for Donald’s Breakfasaurus before the park opens. When you arrive at the park there will be one lane open with a sign over it to go through. Have you Reservation number ready, they go through the line and at least ask for names to check a list. As far as walking on rides, I don’t know anything about that, when we finished eating the park had just opened, but there were earlier ADR’s.

Also, our family LOVED Donald’s. It’s our favorite breakfast at WDW!!! Also, It provides a lot of interaction with the characters.


You can book a breakfast before the park techinically opens - and then, when you’re done - you’ll have a barely open park to yourself!!

You’ll need to book it so you’re finishing up around 9…so, 7:45 or so!


We had a great time at Donald’s and we were there before the park opens.
just follow the line and a CM will walk you to the breakfast.


We always eat at DB on our trips the day we go to AK. Both times our ADR’s were for 8:30. Dinoland opens later then the rest of the park so when we were finished, it had just opened and we walked right onto Dinosaur, which is around the corner from DB.

As Millermouse said, you will go through and give them your ADR time and name. They then walk you in a group back to the restaurant because the park has not opened yet. Once you get there, they take your names in the order your in in the group, take your picture and then you wait to be seated. This breakfast is loads of fun if you have a good CM. The first year we went, our CM was blah BUT the second year, our CM was awesome and we laughed the entire time. The food is good and the character interaction is pretty good too. The atmosphere is really cool if your grandson is into dinosaurs. The restaurant basically is themed like a paleontologist camp or research facility.

You will have fun, enjoy!!!


Re: Donald’s Breakfastosaurus

This was our family’s first character meal when our kids were 9 and 11. It was a great experience. We’ve had so many character meals since then (all of them great) but we will always remember that first character meal and all the extra attention our kids received and loved. Now that they are 16 & 18 it’s fun to see them dodge the attention and try to avoid the characters. PS - it not possible, everyone receives attention from the characters regardless of age.


Our ADR is for 8:00 am - I think that is the first seating.


I think when you call to make the ADR, you can ask them what the first seating is, and then book accordingly!


We did the breakfest in Oct. 2004. We have 3 boys and they were ages 9,6, and 4. We loved it. The only advise that I have is for you to get the earliest seating you can. We had an 8:30 seating and had to wait for 30-45 minutes. The park was in full swing when we finally finished


My DD and I do that character meal almost every trip. We get the first seating available on an nonearly entry day (8am). We are finished eating before the park opens and are able to hit many rides before the lines start to get big. I suggest going to the headliners that draw crowds first even if it means cutting all the way across the park to do it. Go to Expediation everest first and then go all the way over to the safari. It’s cake after that. I use this plan with every park…works like a charm.


We’ve done this breakfast every time we’ve gone to WDW. The food is wonderful and the character interaction is great. Goofy actually stopped by our table THREE times last year, hitting on my DD (who is a 28 yo CM at DLR). On his last stop he laid a big kiss on her head and scampered away as we all (except her fiancee) roared with laughter.

Our ressie this year is at 8:10, after which we plan to hit EE.

Lopo, you should definitely do this with your daughter and GS. You will not be disappointed.


if you are going with a large group ( I know I sound so negative lately ) but we were stuck in a back type room twice now and both times the characters spend little time with us.


I made an ADR for an early seating (8:10) on a non-EMH day. I was told that 7:50 was the first seating, but no reservations were available.

There are three of us: my (will be) 16 months old grandson, my daughter (21) and me. My DD is the one who really wanted to go here!

Thanks for all the feedback, Folks! We are really looking forward to this now.


8:10 should be fine. If you had to be out a few minutes after park opening, just hustle to whatever ride you want to go on first and you’ll still be pretty much in the clear. We liked Breakfastosaurus too, we got some great pics there of the characters in their jungle clothes!


If you get done eating before the park opens, unless they’ve changed something, if you’re wanting to get to things like Kilimanjaro (I recommend you do it FIRST!), you won’t be able to just get back there before anyone else–or if you do, you’ll be darn lucky. They rope off the area in front of the ToL, so that’s as far as you can get.

But, as I said, they might have changed something since we were there.

I wonder if you could get FPs before the park opens? If you could, I’d definitely get them for ME, and then book it over to Kilimanjaro…


Just go. If you want to get a jump, like everyone says, make your reservation for 8 AM or if there’s a morning EMH, 7:30.


i like all of the character breakfasts. they are especially nice when you have small children. the looks on their faces are priceless…


We have 8:10 ressies for DB. This will be our first time, we ususally do CP or CM. I’ve read some really good things about it, so I can’t wait!!


Remember, you can have omlets made to order, but you have to order them from your waiter, not in the serving line.