Don't look for me at the Polynesian next week


…because I am being deployed for at least a week starting on Sunday.

It seems to happen to every concierge cast member that once you are in a location long enough, they like to mix it up and send you somewhere else for a week (or longer).

So starting on Sunday, I have to do my duty. :pinch:

See you all at the Contemporary!


Ahhh, the Contemporary will be fun though!! Some new faces & exciting changes going on there. And HEY, you can get us the REAL inside scoop on that mysterious “construction project” on the old tennis courts!

OooO, and have fun Monday becoming a real Disney princess!! SO JEALOUS!!


Wow! Very cool that you get to experience other resort hotels!!!


I am nervous about it, but it should be okay. It could be a lot worse. All my friends have been getting sent to the All Stars. And while I am sure it’s a good resort, going from working in a deluxe to a value resort is tough in terms of work procedures. So everyone is a little jealous I am getting deployed to the Contemporary.

I just hope they don’t get too upset when I keep saying Aloha to everyone… I can’t help it anymore. I even answer my cell phone that way sometimes not even thinking about it.


I actually did the princess thing already. It was yesterday. Check out the thread for pictures and my thoughts. :happy:


got’cha! I’ll go look!


Have fun ginger!


Excellent point. If you’re going to be elsewhere, at least it’s one of the best! :happy:

You could always try saying Talofa instead. :closedeye

That’s Samoan. :wub:

Still appropriate for the Poly. :cool:


I knew this!!!:laugh:


That sounds like Fun Ginger!!! :happy: Have fun with it!!! And yeah, it’s better than the all stars!!! I hear the lobby is under construction, too?

ALoha! Lol :laugh:

That would totally be me!!! lol


Well, yahhhh – you’ve been down there! :laugh: (Apia, at any rate…)


Yep yep! I sure have:happy:

Ginger…Aloha! is much better than answering the phone…“Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order?” That’s what I did after I started my first job working in the drive thru:pinch:


How cool that you get to check out a different resort!! Maybe this is a silly question :blush: but are there different greetings for the different resorts? I know we seem to always get greeted with a Howdy when we get to FW. Anyway, hope you enjoy your time at the Contemporary.


Yes, there are different greetings based on the theming of the resort.

For example…
Poly = Aloha
FW = Howdy
Coronado Springs = Hola


you do get to go back to the Poly right?!?!


I hope you enjoy the Contemporary!! It is cool that you get to check outother resorts!