Doodle bops


So, we have recently had the joy of a new kids programme on our Playhouse Disney channel called the Doodle Bops. I love them! DD loves them! but DH finds them scary…( which I find quite funny actually:laugh: )

Are they big in the US and Canada? Any merchandise avail in the parks? Thanks for any info you can give me xx


UGH- they are uber creepy and odd- and they recently either replaced or dieted DeeDee doodle- ick ick ick- Oh and the fake staged concerts- creepy


woohoo…that is so funny! Sorry if I creeped you out. Don’t have nightmares now! :laugh:


They’re just weird, IMHO. Creepy is a good word. I’m not a fan, I’m afraid… . Bring back Stanley! :wink:


Doodlebops! My DAUGHTER likes them (The older one) But, I think they’re creepy.

I didn’t reailze DeeDee had been replaced, though! LOL! She has a adult-type twang in her voice. I’m surpised little kids like them as much as they do! LOL!


no nightmares… those are reserved for dreams that Im kissing one of the “wiggles”

I do have to say that we have converted to Nick Jr here though… Lovin the
“Wonder Pets”


I’ve seen them.
They arent creepy to me, just kinda sad since I think of the people in the costumes and wonder about them.

Yea i’d take the wiggles over the doodle bops any day.

But they are kinda engrossing:)


My DS hates the Doodle Bops, but he’s addicted to Wonder Pets. I find myself singing the little jingle all day (and I mean all day).


That is how I pull my 2 year old out of night terrors… I say “Whats gonna work?” and in his sleep he says “Teamwork” and he goes back to sleep! I just love ming ming!!


Aw, at least it helps. How about this one…

The phone, the phone is ringing… ugh!


The phone… We’ll be right there… the phone the phone is ringing… theres an animal in trouble… theres an animal in trouble… theres an animal in trouble somewhere

“This is se-we-us”


LOL, Ok, I’m done with the Wonder Pets (at least until Monday!) My DS is 3 and just loves them. He drives his 9 yr old sister nuts with it. I think they’re cute and a lot less irritating than Didi, Roonie and the other one. I’ll take the pets any day!


you mean “moe” - of all the veggies they try and convince toddlers to eat?? Cauliflower??? Odd… and what is up with “dont pull the rope” it reminds me of either pull my finger or the slime from Nickelodeon


We have been seeing the Doodles for some time now, DD is not that amused, but she’ll watch it if none of her favorites are on.

Ariel, I wouldn’t say they are really that popular here. There hasn’t been much, if any, merchandise that I’ve seen, except maybe a t-shirt.

Bali, I am SOOOO with you…why did they give up Stanley? I thought the educational factor of that show was great, and it really peaked my DD’s interest!

Oh, and about the WonderPets, they are a huge hit here too! That and LazyTown lately, have been pretty big requests. As much as I hate to turn off the disney channel, I have to say I am quite disappointed in their programming and scheduling lately.


DS loves the Doodlebops! Our pool even has a rope that drenches you with water when you pull it, so he has to do that and be like Moe.
Dee Dee didn’t diet, just a new costume that is more form fitting and shorter.
I haven’t seen any merchandise at either WDW or DL, but they are performing at WDW in Aug, I think.


I can’t stand the doodle bops :noo:…they absolutely terrify me! I’m so thankful we don’t have cable right now, because every time I would switch past that channel I swear I would see a doodle bop. shudder


Eww, my ds6 stumbled upon them. They remind me of KISS or something.


My 4 year old likes Doodlebops and I HATE THEM!!! They freak me out! :eek: But whenever I hear the theme song, I find myself singing it ALL DAY LONG!!! UGH!!!:blow:


that is because there is subliminal messages in the show…:blink:


OMG!!! I HATE those freaky DoodleFREAKS!!! The only thing worse than them (not counting the evil IASW dolls) would be the Wiggles… :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: JD LOVES the DoodleFREAKS!!! I find them VERY disturbing…

But, he LOVES the Wonder Pets too… I don’t mind them so much, they’re kinda cute… I actually find myself walking around the house singing "The phone, the phone is ringing… allday after watching an episode. And then JD and I will just keep repeating “This is se-we-us” all day too… Between that and saying “Ka-chick-A” all the time, we drive Mic CRAZY!!! :laugh:

But DoodleFreaks… NO THANK YOU!!! :blow: