Door signs?


I have been seeing that MANY people decorate their stateroom doors on Disney Cruises, has anyone here ever done this??? If so what did you do?


I have seen the same thing. People usually have a picture of their family, or a Disney character, and their name on it. They also have streamers and other decorations. Usually by the end of the cruise, the stuff is in pretty bad shape, but you can always find your door.

I personally have never done this, but we may on our upcoming trip. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.


ooooh what a good idea! I’m hoping to go in DCL within te next year-year and a half
My door will be nothing but Ariel! :mickey:


From what I have read on another board it is pretty common. Some people have a new one for every day of the cruise.


This site has a lot of pictures of door signs so you can get an idea of that other people do.


I went on 4 4-day cruises last year… It is so much fun to decorate the cabin doors with all different kinds of magnets. < the doors are metal > people really do not mess with your door. It is fun to see all the different things on the doors. And yes… it is true… you do not evewr miss your door coming down the hallway. Have alot of fun!! It is well worth the money.


WOW - That’s a flashy site!!! They have really cute Mickey’s - how can we get some more?


We are working on our doorsign ideas right now!! We thought it would be fun too!! We are not doing pictures of our kids though! We thought that may not be a good idea!! We are going to do individual Mickey heads with names and then maybe one main sign with dates!!


The last cruise I went on there were door signs everywhere. It was a very last min cruise for me so I didn’t have one. This year I am working on signs and embroidery shirts. My DD likes to draw and she made a picture of her and I as south park charaters it will be pretty cool We are very excited. Hope to see some of you on our cruise. Were taking the 1/7/06 eastern tour.


I just finished ours for our upcoming cruise (Our 1st, I might add :biggrin: ) I laminated our signs with our family names and made individual ones with different Mickeys along with everyones first names. I stuck magnet tape on the back of each after I laminated them all. They are so cute. I’ll make sure to post the photos when we get back…Only one week left!!!
:biggrin: :biggrin: :mickey: :mickey: :pirate: :pirate: :biggrin: :biggrin:


I suppose it is no different to the windows at a value or moderate resort!
It sounds like a great thing to do.


I Like That Idea.but, I’m Not Going On A Cruise Until 2008. I Am Going To Disneyland In APRil 2006!