Doorway to Dreams-Garden City,LI event


I just got an email about the event happening at the Garden City hotel. Is anyone else planning to go?


If I am not mistaken, I think that is where our very own iluvwdw is going to be working. :slight_smile:


Would you be able to forward the email? I would love to hear more about it. Maybe I can talk DH into taking a ride down! :wub:


I’m lost, what is the Garden City Hotel?


YES!!! I will be there at every event! If anyone is planning to go…PLEASE ask for me!!! I can’t wait to meet some fellow MBers!!! :wub:


It’s a little far for me (like an hour & 45 minutes) but I’d consider going if another MBer was there & I could hang with them 'cause I know Daniel won’t be able to go with me.


Anyone have a link to a site that has some more information on this?


I got in an email to us… I want to go!! It’s like 2+ hrs from us but still!! But my DD’s first day of kindergarten is the 31st and I wanted to keep it a calm weekend! But it would be awesome to spend my bday (the 30th) at a DVC event!! (Although it may bring out the add-on-tis we are suffering with…and we just added 50 more points last week while we were in WDW!!)


I wish I lived closer, I would love to go to a DVC event–especially if I got to meet other MBers.


I got it too, I think I would LOVE to go, but not sure if we want to purchase DVC or can even afford it right now…DH will NOT go with me


Well if anyone decides to come, let me know when! I’d love to meet you!!!


I RSVP’d to go on Sunday night at 7 PM.

I’m curious though, is this just another sales ploy?


I got the invite, but we are not able to go! We are a bit too far away!


We are going to be there :laugh: Cant wait.


[QUOTE=PrincessPooh;985073]I RSVP’d to go on Sunday night at 7 PM.

I’m curious though, is this just another sales ploy?[/QUOTE]

Well, of course DVC always wants to sell memberships & add-ons. They usually have a great discount just for people who attend the events. Although, if this is the same presentation that I attended in WDW, which is sounds like it is, it was SOOO much fun & no pressure at all. We played a quiz game on a big interactive board, watching a singing group, had a dessert party with a DJ & characters, then toured BLT. I am assuming it’s nearly the same thing, minus the BLT tour. :laugh: Correct me if I’m wrong iluvwdw.


You hit the nail on the head. The presentation is different, though. It was created just for our event. :happy: I won’t give anything away.