Dopey goes to WDW


After much discussion, exactly 1 PM from Llama and 1 from lovemysons, I have decided to post my plans for the trip which will commence in

:mickey: :pirate: :simba: :cheshire: :donald: :hook: :ariel: :minnie: :goofybounce: :mickey:
19 days on Nov.10th
:mickey: :pirate: :simba: :cheshire: :donald: :hook: :ariel: :minnie: :goofybounce: :mickey:

We have a late flight out of here and won’t be arriving in Orlando until 10:45 pm. We’ll be picked up by Quicksilver:happy: , stop for some water and beer some place and off to POR. Hopefully we’ll arrive sometime around midnight. There goes one whole day we couldn’t get to the parks :crying: and no food. That’s alright; we’ll save those credits and combine them for a 2 table credits restaurant.

Day two, Nov. 11
I really, really must go to MK. I cannot start my days in the parks with any other park. I have to walk under that tunnel, smell Main Street, blablabla
We’ll grab something on the go at Cosmic Ray’s. We have never eaten there before. But so many people like it…
In the evening we’ll take the boat to DTD and our ADR at 7:30 at Wolfgang Puck’s. There we’ll meet some guests turned friends who are there for a Hewlett Packard Awards thing. Afterwards, no doubt, Disney Quest.

Nov 12 is open for discussion. Epcot (I have never been on Soarin’, it’s too new. I will try Mission:Space though for the first time) or maybe the water park.
The most important thing for me is my very first special event; we’ll go and have fun at MVMCP.

Animal Kingdom. Also I was hoping that the new Yak & Yeti would be open for counter service. If not, no big deal. I MUST go on EE (first time). I cannot miss Dinosaur. I want to see Festival of the Lion King (first time)
At 7:30 we will go to the Clam Bake at the Cape May Cafe (I love that)

Nov.14 - Disney Studios. I have never given this park a good chance. I dislike the Backlot tour, it is boring beyond believe. I think that US does a better job. So, this time around, I have read about the park and I will take a fresh look at it.
Dinner will be 7:30 at Boma (first time as well). I am not sure what to make of the items on the menu, and in pictures, it all looks brown and curry colored. But there are many great reviews and Limser ensured me that if I am an adventurous eater, I will love it there. I cancelled Yachtsman Steakhouse. Too many stories about service being less than satisfactory

MK - We will try to break Doughnutty’s record on Splash Mountain :biggrin:
ADR is for 7:30 at Raglan Road, because, again, Doughnutty said to have the Bread and Butter Pudding.

Nov 16
Epcot and AK, most likely.
Evening is the important thing for me this day. We’ll be celebrating our 28th anniversary at
California Grill :7:30. I am hoping for a great table by the window, to see the fireworks.

Nov. 17
Maybe it’s time to take in a water park. We are pretty flexible. Who knows.
ADR is for Teppan Edo 7:45. I know this sort of place; this is a good one for my boys. They love a different dining experience. They’ll be pleased.

Nov. 18 our last full day
The only thing we have planned is meeting praisegirl43, Tracy and her 2 sons, at Crystal Palace for breakfast. It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If it’s anything like the last time we were there, I expect the MK to be super busy.
ADR for dinner is at Ohana.

Nov.19 pack up and have bell service pick up our stuff and go to DTD or what ever :crying:

Will I go on ToT and RnRc? I donno. I am a chicken.


Your plans look awesome!! I can’t wait for you to do all these firsts, it’s so exciting. I love sitting next to first timers on Soarin’, they are always so excited.


Yay! Dopey Does Disney!

When was the last time you were there–I honestly can’t remember reading a Dopey TR before!!! I am sure I have read it if you have written one!


Plans look super! cant wait to see some pics!


HEY!! Where am I configured into these plans?!?! :tongue:


:heart: your plans Dopey. You MUST go on RnR and TOT…at least once to try them. You won’t be to sorry…promise.


Yay! She posted her plans! I only had to whine a little bit!

OF COURSE you’ll do ToT and Rock 'n Roller Coaster - you HAVE to! We went to the Animation Tour at MGM in Sept. (I’m like you - MGM is not my favourite park), and we were kinda looking for something to do - well, it was great and an animator teaches you to draw a Disney character (we drew Stitch) - and it really works! We were all so proud of our Stitches. Also visit “One Man’s Dream” about Walt - it’s a wonderful exhibit.

At AK try to see the Finding Nemo show - it’s fantastic, as is Festival of the Lion King!!!

Cosmic Ray’s makes a great cheeseburger - I really think it’s the fixin’s bar (likewise at Pecos Bill’s and Restauranasaurus at AK). If you’re at the Marketplace try to get to the Earl of Sandwich for a quick lunch.


I agree the animation tour is fun. You are gonna LOVE The Festival of the Lion King show…I have seen it the last three trips to the world and it’s still my favorite.


What a great trip! You have so many new things to see and do. :smile:


sounds like great plans! i can’t wait to hear if you did all those new rides!!


Lots of firsts for you!! That’s so exciting! Have soo much fun!!:heart:


Sounds like a great trip you have planned. Enjoy all of your firsts.


Thank you all, I am not a great planner. The ADRs are important so that I know where to put myself during the day. Other than that, I am easy going.
Ok, one by one. Bella, I had to wait 3 long years to go again. Last time was in 2004 and I wrote a tr, except no one read it :laugh:

Wish, you got my phone numbers!!! I wanna get hammered with you :laugh:Call me the minute you feel like it, k?

Llama, we ate at Earl of Sandwich 2 or 3 times in 04 and loved it. Time to try something new.

I will definitely look for Finding Nemo. It sounds like the now dead Lion King show at MK where now Philharmagic found a home, and we loved that show.

Now for the RnRc…I am afraid I might fall out of my seat as soon as that coaster does its flips - yikes What if my restraint doesn’t work :wacko: But I will try.

Another first for me could be Space Mountain.


Make sure you check out Festival of the Lion King in AK. You will love it!
Finding Nemo the Musical is a must see, I’m glad you are going to check it out.


Dopey your plans sound wonderful. So glad your trip is almost here! To me, when you are easy going… your trip will no doubt be great. Too many expectations lead to dissapointments . Enjoy!!!


Definitely. My problem is, I am so set in my ways. I love to go to the same restaurants, order the same food in those places, etc. It is time to do something completely new.


wow, you have it all together. I have my ADR’s, and will probably plan parks around them, but haven’t done that yet!

(I had the wedding before, and this past week to settle down and relax - will look into it next week!)

wow - just noticed I’m under 20 days~!

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Don’t forget to pack the sardines, Baby!!!


That’s exactly how I see it. And this trip, more than others, needs to be great. I am going to try and bamboozle Mike into going for DVC. You know something like this “Dear, all the trips we made to WDW were just perfect. Let’s make it permanent…” :laugh: Send me pixie dust, people


Wow, sounds like you are going to have the BEST TRIP EVER!!

At MGM you should go to the lights! Motor! Action! It’s a really cool stunt show, my DD7 LOVES IT!! The animation studio is GREAT too! And we love the parade! PLUS, you can meet a full size Tow Mater and Lighten’ so there are things to do. We ALWAYS spend a FULL DAY there!! :happy: