Dopey's back in town!


Cast of characters: Dopey and Mike.

We are bad parents, we left on the opening day of deer season!
REAL early in the morning, after dropping a suitcase down the stairs, we quietly snuck out of the house :biggrin:

We had to be at the airport at 5:30
Arriving in Orlando at 11:30something, we were picked up by our Quicksilver driver and whisked to POR. Our room was ready.

Me:“Oh, building 27, ground floor? Mmmm, is it possible to find a room on the top floor in building 18?”
CM:“No, sorry, parts of building 18 are being refurbished and there is no availability.”

Turns out that we were at a much better location in building 27(room 2709) then we would have been in building 18. Great, now off to DTD with that shnazzy boat and lunch at the bar at Fulton’s!

I had lost my camera a couple of days before our trip and brought a new one with me on the trip. During lunch, we started playing with it and took some really cool pictures and then suddenly the camera stopped working. Nothing could persuade the stupid thing to do what it was made to do. Bummer because tonight would be MVMCP and now there would be no chance to take pics.
We had an ADR at Tony’s and right afterwards the party started, which was as wonderful and as much fun as I remembered.
We didn’t stay until the end though - having had to get up at 3:30 made for some tired mouse hunters. By 11 PM we were safely tucked away and shhhhhnoozing.


Day 2

Epcot was on the menu today and so was Soarin’, finding water on Mars, drinking in every country and lunch with a certain rodent :wink:

What great food we had there (at Les Chefs de France) and Remy was delightful. Remy sang to us “La vie en rose” - in his own words, very funny. I wish that I had taken the time to write it down. His helper, Armand, was wonderful. We have all seen her on Youtube. However, I think she was wearing this guy’s name tag the day we were there.
And while we were dining, we also watched the Space Shuttle go into space. What a spectacular bonus.

This, as well as the first day, completely picture-free.


Welcome back Dopey! Sorry 'bout the camera, but it sounds like you had fun! Can’t wait to hear more!


Hooray!! You are back. I missed you terribly. Barely had the will to go on…hehehehe


No photos?

Go back and re do everything w/a camera which works.


Welcome back Dopester!




[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1006079]No photos?

Go back and re do everything w/a camera which works.[/QUOTE]

I wish I could but Mike bought another camera :blink: so that he wouldn’t have to pay for a do-over:happy:


We bought a new camera from these people

Day 3
It’s an Animal Kingdom kind of day.
Flights of Wonder

outrunning the Yeti,

going on safari,

watching bugs do their thing

We also brought back a dinosaur but have no pictures of that adventure


After all that work, we needed to get something to eat quickly. Off to Pizzafari where we found that the Caesar salad with chicken was wonderful indeed.
We also found out that if we ask for “a tour”, 72 year old Jean would come and show us around this huge place.

Every room had a special meaning or name.
We saw tails without bodies

and secret rooms among other things. If you’re at Pizzafari and it’s not too busy, ask to get “the tour”, it takes no more than 10 minutes and it’s interesting and when it’s over, you’ll get a big hug from Jean because she will be happy to get out of the kitchen!


This day, just like the first 2 days and the next 5 days, was so wonderful. The parks were empty, the weather was nice, there were no lines anywhere – we had a great time.

Every day we were done with the “must do’s” by midday and had to decide whether to go and take a quick shnooze or bum around some resorts or to just sit somewhere and watch people.

Most often we went to look at other resorts and in the evenings we would either eat at a resort restaurant or we’d go to DTD and “appetizer” our way around our favorite Westside restaurants.

So, to appetizer your way around the Westside Dopey style you start at Fulton’s go on to Raglan Road, then Wolfgang Puck’s Sushi bar for something special created by the chef that’s not on the menu, stopping along the way, finding a bench, watching people being people.


aaaahhhhhh…much better with pictures!!


Sounds like a great trip! Can’t wait to read more!


Happy to have you back. We did miss you. So glad you had a better time than we did and the weather was so much nicer. Have you found out yet what was wrong with your 1st new camera? Okay, more please.:happy:


Hey Dopey…glad you’re back!


What was the camera that broke? And how did you hear about this “tour” stuff? You are the first I ever heard mention of it.


Jo-jo, the camera that broke was an Olympus, not expensive but nonetheless, around $ 200. The one I bought at Epcot is a Kodak easy share. Not what I wanted but better than nothing.

We heard about the tour from the greeter at POR. It is very informal as you can see. Lots of fun and little tidbits :happy:


The Dopster’s back. God’s in His Heaven. All’s Right with the World.:closedeye

Thanks for the Pizzafari tip - we’re going to do that! I’m always looking for things we haven’t done. DD1 will love it.


[QUOTE=llama;1006132]The Dopster’s back. God’s in His Heaven. All’s Right with the World.:closedeye

Thanks for the Pizzafari tip - we’re going to do that! I’m always looking for things we haven’t done. DD1 will love it.[/QUOTE]

Yes, and be sure to take pictures while she tells you things because she’s very serious about this :wink:


Maybe we should take notes too???

I find that sort of stuff very interesting. I had to look at your “tails without bodies” pictures several times before I noticed.