Dorkmans Dine First Class!


Ed and I are going for the free dining and the upgrade in Sept-
So far we have this
yak and yeti lunch
California Grill dinner:wub:

CRT lunch
Narcosses dinner (MNSSHP that night!):wub:

Teppan edo dinner (after eating and drinking the world at Epcot):heart:

Sun -
Raglan Road lunch:pirate:

I figure that we would have spent $30 per person between breakfast and so on with the mug included- this gives us some awesome meals and stuff that we could not do with the kids otherwise!
Now if only Victoria and Alberts took dining plan!:glare:


Nicely done Woohoo!


Thank ya!
my thought was this- deluxe is too much food but the two credit meal is too expensive otherwise- this way we get more than our monies worth! I just wont buy our mugs this next trip and wait for Sept.

It gets better too- Eds job will pay us for one of the big meals and we also have DDE to use for our wine!
then add in the $400 of vouchers from AAA I used and the $150 in credit from SWA that I have from a recent fare drop… this is gonna be CHEAP!!!:laugh:


We’ll be in Epcot on Saturday Night 7:30 pm ADR at Le Cellier


WOW, that is great. I was happy for you before. Now I am jealous.:frown:

:laugh: :laugh:


Excellent ressies! You’ll love Teppan Edo, its so good, and a very cool place to dine.


That is fantastic! DH would LOVE it if we could go cheap like that!:laugh:


And there are plenty of places to share a glass of wine there! Ed is more than willing to meet you in Canada- Englands beer is right there!:pirate:


I love the Dorkman’s!!!

When is the May trip?!? You’re still doing that right?


Bella, its horrible! :crying: :crying: :crying: Nicky saw my countdown here - I cant believe he looked! He quickly ran to the calendar to see what we are doing that weekend and he did the math so he thinks its a Wed, but he knows something is up
I told him that I lied to you all and that it was wishfull thinking. UGH!:frown:

Hopefully I can still keep it low key and surprise the pants off the kids…Im so sad!:crying: :crying: :crying:


The first thing that went through my mind when I read this was "I WANT SAKI!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Oh ya- you wan saki too? LOL
I have to tell Ed you said that because its still our running joke here at our house-


Nice food choices, woohoo!!!


Your choices sound great! Do you have an early Narcoosee’s dinner to get to MK in plenty of time for the party?


Wow, this sounds like a First class trip! The best part is not paying the first class prices. I can’t wait to see the TR.


Yup yup yup!
We have ressies for 5:40 for dinner- I figure it will be enough time for us to eat and then monorail over to MK


UMMMM…Sounds yummy!! Good thing lunch time approaches…this made me very hungry!

Great choices!!


Wow, sounds awesome. I hope you have a fantastic time!



Nice plans!


Nice picks! It is a shame about V&A’s…you should try and splurge on it…