"Dorkmans on Parade" trip report


Ok so Im going to get started… I changed my avitar to reflect the “dorkmans on parade” theme…

Are ya ready???


Let it rip.


I AM! Can’t wait to read all about it.


So we leave for the airport…
we get there with no issues or incidents…
we sit down when Ed gets a phone call from his boss.
" You have been working so hard lately… just make an apperance and schmooze for a bit here and there and then take off and enjoy yourself" (so much for a business trip) “and while you are at it take your wife out for a nice dinner while you are there”

OK- do you get this? We are on free dining, on a package that was paid for by his job, and now we are looking at yet another free meal? We decided to just take the reciept from California Grill and turn that in for reimbursement… ha ha ha ha- it was just the beginning of the fun!

We get there without any issues and we take the magic express as planned. There was a family that was trying to find ME and the wife took the husband down the wrong area to A instead of B and the husband was yelling at her in the airport (felt really bad for her) he then grabbed the ME tickets out of her hand and threw it at her. Wow… Ed told me to stay out of it. I wanted to help her so badly but the man was really p’d off so I walked away. Then when we got our bus we were sitting there waiting and that same family walks out the wrong doors and goes to the busses. Oh No! I knew where this was going… they never checked in. They then went into the other doors to the kiosk at the door area and they were led away yet again. Then the family finally comes out and gets on their bus… only to have the same man (who by the way was kind of scary looking to begin with) Stomp off the bus and over to the ME kiosk again and looked like he was yelling. UGH… Ok so that was us that last trip…only Ed waited to be mad at me till later. But this time we knew where we were going and how to do it and all went well. Ed apologized to me for the last time since he could see what the others saw the last time.

We get there around 1am after all the bus stops and then we get settled in. I asked for Calypso and a king bed since it was our second honeymoon and they said we were slated for far away from the building and two double beds?? DUH! All over my reservation it said HONEYMOON!!! That was just silly. But it was fixed and the guy that kept going back and forth comes out and hands me a rose and says “your husband thought you should have this”…cute… sad that my husband says “why do you have a rose?” LOL - he is just so bright ya know?

We get to our room and go to bed- we were in 1624 in the calypso building- the room was ok- not much different in size from any of the others we have been in and reminded me a lotof our POR room minus the trundle bed. The curtains were festive and not one part of the room coordinated so that was funny- the border was blue and tan and matched nothing and the curtains were colorful but out of nowhere compared to the window curtains etc…it was nice and clean and definately odd…
Our alarm clock did not work- but we were so tired that we never noticed until it went off at 5am and we could not figure out how to turn it off. It sounded like it was dying, there was no display on it and it was very strange…Our walls were so thin that we heard a baby wake up in the next room and could hear the mom loudly wisper “shhhhhh- dont cry- stop crying” it was so odd. And we also heard every flush or shower in all of the building! Noisy Noisy Noisy!!! But who cares… we were in disney!

We slept till about 7am


Great start looking forward to reading more.


Nice bonus time to the trip! Hope you made good use of it… :happy:


Here is the room when we first got into it-

our roomFirst day of parks Magic Kingdom

I sleep all strange because I kept having nightmares of not getting our luggage and going to breakfast late and in dirty clothing… I was sleeping in my clothing just in case they knocked on the door. The heat was funky and each time it would kick on it would make a knocking noise that sounded like someone coming into our room and we would jump. We never got that “offical” knock… and when the warped alarm went off we noticed a red flashing light on the phone. It was luggage and I was so tired that I swore they said that if we did not call asap that we would not get our luggage till after 8am…!!! Whoa! That is not good!!! We need to be at the Poly at 8:30!!!
I called the number (half wondering if I pressed the right number on the phone) and they say they will page the porter for our bags…I forgot to ask if it would be before or after 8am so now Im half asleep and half awake lying on my bed fully dressed waiting… but the bags came and I went back to bed!

We get up and go to the Poly for my first taste of Tonga Toast and press pot coffee…
We chose to monarail it from MK and had no issue getting there. We walk in about 20 min early because I was worried about being late (darn dreams will do that to you) They seated us right away and we ordered. I had that juice that was uber sweet and yummy and the coffee and tonga toast-
Ed had juice and the “boring” breakfast with eggs sausage bacon etc…
When the toast came I was floored by the size of it all! I am really trying to stay true to my diet and my first meal is this??? I took all the fried edges off of it and ate the banana and middle sections. I had pressed coffee which was good and some of the ham that was awesome! Then after all that cheating they brought us cream puffs for breakfast! I was so full that Ed ate them and then hid behind his spoon like he could hide that he was eating it all (what a dork)

Then we went out and waited for FOREVER for the monorail to show because they were doing one of the track change things… so we played with the new camera-


Grea start… can I ask for PICTURES please?


Sounds great… cant wait for more…love the video.


chew on that for a bit- I have to make dinner for the kids!

Oh and Im working on shortening my video of the parade but here is a smaller clip to make you smile…

pluto clip


Great start of a TR. That Tonga toast makes me hungry…yummy! Love the hiding behind the spoon pic!:laugh:


awesome start cant wait for more


This is a great report, Mrs. Dorkman.
I have to quiz you on something per PM when I have a minute :blush:


quiz away! LOL!! I can only imagine…


Welcome back, woo! Enjoying the TR so far. And THIS:

:laugh: :laugh: It’s classic. An instant hit.


Love the start to the TR and the added video :cool: :cool:


OoOoO, I am SOOO ready :biggrin: Can’t wait to read all about my favorite Dorkmans :wub:

PS: I am extremely obnoxious about these things but go fix your signature Mamma Dorkman before I do it for you!! :laugh: :pirate:


i can’t believe you’re back already!!!

LOVE the pics and the videos ~ can’t wait to hear more!!!


haha, I believe that Daniel and Ed would be best of friends! :tongue:


Is that better?:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: