Dorky question - how do you pronounce...?


…Le Cellier?

After all this time, I realized I really have no idea how to pronounce it. And Karen’s recent misadventures in ADR-land had me thinking about making ADRs. I would feel really silly if I had no idea how to say the name of the restaurant I wanted! :blush:


OK - this is in phonetics: Le - Leh; Cellier - sell-yay.


Hooray! So I have been saying it right! Thank you so much Llama! You are DEFINITELY the coolest! :tongue:


I always say Leh Sell E A …hummm…


I’m not even going to type how I have been saying it.

But in my defense, I’m Southern, and we can’t pronounce jack anyway, so…


Yes, you can, you just say it witha “twist”!!!


is the food in there any good? i know it is french, but what do they have???

sorry if i seem ignorant - i know nothing of french food…


It’s more of a steakhouse than a French restaurant. You don’t have to be a lover of French cuisine to love Le Cellier. It helps if you’re a carnivore though. :laugh:


It’s a steakhouse in Canada.


A carnivore who likes maple syrup. :wink:


I said it wrong when I made my ADR- The CM corrected me I felt like a fool but he said many say it the wrong way. I should have asked first.


No fair, llama’s a Canuck, so she has an unfair advantage


Well, if it’s not the Rose & Crown, I pronounce it : “The other restaurant!” :tongue:


Well, there’s a sentence you don’t hear often. :laugh:


Good to know, I was always wondering if i was pronouncing it right!


I’ve been saying it right!!! I’m shocked!


Haha…I was thinking the same thing Erin!

Erm…not that I’m shocked that you’ve been saying it right :tongue:


Ah, Canadians French. It all sounds like Celine Dion to me…


I said it just like for the longest time

“Ley Cel-l-r”

Until the nice lady at WDW Reservations corrected me.


Apparently I have been pronouncing it as “Liberty Tree Tavern” since that is where they gave me an ADR when I asked for Le Cellier! :wink: