Double check those ADRs


We are leaving in about 10 days, so I called Disney to check on our meal plans. There was a mistake. I had thought we had le cellier on tues May 2 and garden grill on tues May 9. The CM told me I had a ADR for le cellier for 12:50 and garden grill at 1:00 on Tues. May 2. And nothing for May 9. So much for Disney checking for double booking that I’ve heard about. I was able to get an ADR for May 9 for the garden grill so all is well, but I’m so glad I called to check.


A smart thing to practice for sure. I always check and check again…and again. Everyone makes at least one mistake in their life and disney CM’s are human just like us.


I never even thought about confirming my ADR’s. I guess with the free dining plan I better. Do you call the same number that you called to make them? Then do you just list off your confirmation numbers or is there a better way to do it.


Call the same number you called to make them. Tell the Cast member that you would like to confirm your dining. They will gladly read them off to you. I do this for every trip. I highly reccomend everyone do it especially with the free dining. Do it at least 2 weeks before you leave. That way if there is a mistake, there is time to correct it.


Thanks for the reminder.
I will double check all mine today.


We have some time before we are going to be leaving.
I have already scheduled that and double checking with ME about 3 weeks before we depart.

But now that you say that, I am thinking of double checking tomorrow…

Thank you!


Thanks for the reminder re double checking ADR’s. Ditto for all vacation plans.


Yes, all reservation numbers, dates etc should be checked at least two weeks before you leave. It will give you time to fix boo-boo’s should there be any. The biggest thing I am always concerned about is the “paid in full” status on it. I don’t want any surprises when I check in and them thinking I owe money or owe the wrong amount. Always take copies of payments you have made and if you don’t have that, bring your bank or credit card statement showing your payment. I can’t drum this point enough…everyone makes mistakes. Don’t let it be your vacation the mistake is made with.


Yup, I always double check my adrs as well. Meals are not to be fooled with!


I’m guessing the CM just got the tues. mixed up. But after I made 4 ADRs, I called back to add another ADR and nothing was said then and I know the CM asked for my Phone number to check the other ones. You would think having two ADRs ten mins. apart would have throw up a red flag. I think I will call back again in a few days just to check for a third time. Last trip I changed them so many times I could understand if a mistake happened, but for this trip I only made two calls. But all is well.


Thanks for the reminder. I just doubled checked mine and they were all in order. I am finished with all of our plans, I just need the time to go by more quickly. It’s just going so slow now that I have all our plans done.


Thanks for the reminder, I will have to do this tomorrow! :mickey:


I just followed this advice and … Yes, they had missed one. And it was DD 18th dinner party you all helped me plan. So Double check - triple check - quad… umm … quadru… ahhhmmm… … check 4 times!


So glad you caught it. If we had lost ADR for garden grill it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but if a birthday party was lost, I’d be in tears.


Mucho gracias to Jo-jo from Boss, Mrs. Boss and the mini-mice!


Thanks for the reminder! I just called and all were ok.

Glad you called Boss Mouse and were able to correct your DD Birthday party! :happy: