Double Digits!


Yesterday I hit the double digits till we arrive at Disney!!! I’m so excited. We booked at 367 days out so this is huge!!!:mickey:


Oh you’ll be checking out as we’re checking in! You have a nice, long trip planned. Happy counting!


Congrats!!! Double-digits always get me excited.


Yay!!:happy: We are almost in the single digits, I’m sooooooo excited!:heart:


I know exactly how you feel. Now to get to the Single Digits, that is a very HUGE!!!


It’s an awesome feeling. Can’t wait until we hit double digits. Enjoy!


Wow, congrats! That is a LONG booking time. I bet you guys are so excited. We are right at 30 days now and so excited it is silly.


It’s crazy how fast the time flew by. I remember thinking when we booked that the trip would never hit the double digits, lol


Congrats on DD!! I hope your trip is very magical.


I think I post just to see my countdown and read to see everyone elses. Just makes me smile


Congrats! those numbers are going down real fast!


I absolutely love the countdown! even when it seems to be going really slowly.

The best time is about a week before when you’re doing all your packing and shopping for bits to take with you… then the night before you actually cannot contain your excitement!