Double points in WDW?


Hey does anyone know if you recieve double points when you use your card in WDW to eat and to buy stuff? That would be great if you got some special amount of points for doing that.:wub:


No double points :- (


That WOULD be cool, though. :cool:


I’ve never gotten double points for anything unfortunately but I sure have SPENT my saved up points there :happy:


Just regular, I purchased my DVC with my rewards card and didn’t even receive any extras with that purchase.


WOW, i bet you got some AWESOME rewards $s for that!!! Hmmm, i never even thought to possibly put my add-on points on my rewards card then send the credit card my cash!! HMM, smart idea!! i’d get a TON of reward points!! Does anyone know how long a purchase has to sit on the card to get the points before you can pay it off?


Hmmm.:closedeye that stinks you guys. You would think that they would give some extra points for pruchases related to Disney especially DVC purchases which are quite substantial.:blink:


I don’t think long at all! Maybe that billing cycle, that’s it. I try to send out my payments as soon as I spend the $$ on the card.

That’s an AWESOME idea!!! GO FOR IT!


The purchase just needs topost and then you can send the money. We just accumualted the money from buying our oil for this winter and as soon as I saw that the purchase posted, I paid the bill on line! 2 days and 24 points!!!


Good idea!