Double Stroller


We are planning on renting a double stroller from WDW for some of the days when we will be doing more walking, and the weather channel is predicting heavy storms everyday:crying: Is there a poncho or cover that will fit the double stroller? How can I attach a cover? Please just pray for light intermittent showers instead of daily downpours!:angel:


I’m not sure about the WDW strollers, but thought I would chime in on renting strollers. On our last trip we found that it was cheaper to rent a double stroller (and they deliver it to your hotel). They DID have rain covers and the stroller was AWESOME! Best part…you get to keep the stroller with you for waits to get on a bus/ boat or monorail at the end of a long day:happy: Saved our lives:laugh:

Good luck finding out about the cover for the WDW strollers.


If you rent from Kingdom Strollers, they provide you with a stroller cover. Their rates are much more economical then Disney and you will have it for the resort.


Thanks for the suggestions. I looked into them, but my 5 year old is the size of a 9 or 10 year old in height and weight (4’2" and over 70 lbs). She will not fit in a single stroller and the double strollers from Kingdom Strollers have the divider in them.:sad: They do have great prices!


Well shoot. Sorry they couldn’t help.


Kingdom Strollers is who we rented through…amazing service. At the time my kids were 5 and 7. The City Elite (I think) should work for you. Super easy to stroll and was very comfortable even when my two big kids were in at the same time. Maybe you can find a store in your area that has one of the strollers to “test” before making your decision.