Doubletree Castle on Int'l Drive


Has anyone stayed here before ? We are looking for a less expensive place to stay for one night before we check into the Royal Pacific. This place looks really nice and the reviews are all positive. The internet rates are unbelievable! Even the rates booked directly through the hotel arent too steep.

Would love to hear about it if you have been there before!


Never stayed here. If the rates are good and the reviews are good, go for it. It’s only a night.


I agree, go for it. I doubt you’ll find a whole lot of answers here on a Disney board, because most of the Disney guests will be staying closer to Lake Buena Vista. But if you read positive reviews then it must be good. Most people only take the time to write a review for a hotel when something was wrong with their stay.


We have never stayed at this doubletree however we did say at DoubleTree Guest Suites on Hotel Plaza Drive when we drove down and got in early and just needed one night like you guys do. It was ok. It was a little old and rundown (at least on the floor we were on) and there was about 3 dirty diapers in the parking lot… Lets just say we wont be staying there again…