Downtown Disney New T-Rex Restaurant?


Has anyone been to the new T-Rex place yet? Is it as :cool:cool looking as it sounds? Will it scare the little kids with the loud sounds? How is the food? I would really like answers to all of these questions.:blink: Can anyone help? LOL:laugh:


We were just there on January 26th for lunch. We started with the nachos and then DH had a 1/2 rack of ribs and I had a cheeseburger. We sat in the ice cave and all in all the whole thing was horrible!! I was thinking to myself that I would much rather be at Rainforest Cafe than sitting here in the horrible ice cave that made my eyes go crazy!!

As for the sounds, it was fine- RFC is much louder.

As for the food, the nachos were just ok and the rest was horrible. It was an experience, we went, we will never go again. Plus, it cost us $70 for lunch-no dessert or alcoholic beverages!! We should have hit McD’s or Earl of Sandwich and came home with an extra $50!!

Sorry to disappoint, but I was very disappointed!!


Dreamer, I would love to be able to tell you, but we couldn’t get reservations there! It was booked, and booked, and booked! We had to be satisfied with gazing at it from Capn Jack’s across the lake.


We walked in Oct. 31 for lunch and loved it! The food was good and the atmosphere was awesome! We sat in the ice room and the service was good. I guess everyone has different tastes and likes what they like.


Wow, what a difference in opinions! Keep them coming. I really want to hear about this place more. Oh and what are your thoughts on Rain Forest?


I haven’t been to RFC in a long time, but I think it was much better than T-rex.


We ate at T-Rex around Halloween. We were seated in the sequoia room. There were dinosaurs all around. None of the children I saw seemed to be frightened. Approximately every 20 minutes they would have a meteor shower where the lights would dim and meteors would shoot across the ceiling. The dinosaurs came to life at this point also. :blink: The food wasn’t bad. I think that I prefer the food at RfC better. My overall feeling of the restaurant was sensory overload! I would probably go again though maybe for some appetizers and a drink. Try it out.


Yes, please keep the reviews coming. We were planning on eating there the day we arrived. I don’t want our first meal in the world to be a bad choice!!


Here check out these reviews, very mixed??!! Review Page - T-Rex - Powered by ReviewPost


we are eating there the day we are coming home… I hope it improves.