Downtown Disney Reno


So this is the first I have heard of this Downtown Disney renovation and I can’t confirm this site is any good but I was wondering if anybody else has heard anything?

I am glad that Marketplace and Westside would be staying the same and the addition of the parking garage but I would hate to see Planet Hollywood go! :mellow:

Once again, not sure how real this is but let me know what youve heard!



Real or not adding parking is much needed.

I wanted to tell you I :heart: your ears.


Not sure why they would be doing a renovation on the bus area only to do away with it in the near future. I agree something needs to be done with parking though.


old ‘Yogi Berra’ quote: ‘No one goes there anymore, it’s always so crowded’…

Everytime i’ve gone to DTD, even after 911 DTD has been crowded. Last time we were there I felt like a herd of cattle packed into a corral. Parking was so bad one year we lost our car for over 30 minutes. How I couldn’t find a green van with a huge white cartop carrier still amazes me :laugh:


We only take the bus or the boat from POFQ to DTD so I don’t have any parking experience, however the main bus stations close SSPrs is a nightmare. We always walk to the other bus area and it’s much less crowded.

I have thought that Planet Hollywood was over rated for a long long time. They closed the one here in DC and many others. I personally won’t miss it there at DTD.

I just would love to have a way to just walk straight around the water from West Side to the Marketplace…without having to go round about through the dining area…


It would be nice if in all of those renos they could squeeze in a little room for The Adventurer’s Club.


I will be sad to see Planet Hollywood go, for my daughter’s sake. She loves it! Glad we are going there for our upcoming trip. I’m also not a big fan of parking garages :frowning: And I too would love The Adventurer’s Club to return, as I never did get a chance to see it