Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels 72 Hour Sale


Just a heads up! There is a Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels 72 Hour Sale that just started at Noon today.

I came across this on twitter and I went ahead and checked out some of the rates and they’re pretty good! For example, Double Tree by Hilton is offering a King 2 room suite for $119 a night. Not too shabby! :happy:

Yeah, I know, It’s non Disney hotels (if you’re okay with that) and it looks like it’s “perfect” for that impromptu weekend get-a-way.

Either way, just wanted to throw it out there for those of you who are cool with staying “off site”…


Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels - 72 Hour Sale | Facebook


Great prices! Before we moved to Disney resorts, we used to always stay off site in that area, and the hotels were great. Of course you dont get the Disney perks, but the location is great and most have shuttle buses to the Disney parks. Great info PB.


The Hilton does get some of the perks. They have their own shuttles and all but they do participate in EMH and unless I read wrong, which very well could have they get package delivery too. No DDP though.


I know that when we stayed at what was The Grosvenor it had a Disney store and was a Disney preferred/good neighbour hotel? There were free shuttles to all the parks too. A friend of ours worked there and got all the perks regular Disney staff were entitled to as well.