Downtown Disney Restaurants


Any advice for the best restaurants in Downtown Disney for dinner on the dining plan?


Depends on what kind of place you are looking for.

Counter service - Earl of Sandwich and Wolfgang Puck Express

Table for adults - Portobello’s and Raglan come to mind

Table for kids - T-rex

All are great.


As far as recommendations, everyone has their favorites…what I like is not going to be a favorite of someone else.

We love Bongos Cuban Cafe—and Wolfgang Puck Express—

Here is the link to the list of current DTD restaurants on the Dining Plan…

This is the current list—I’m not sure when you are going—these may or may not change.


Earl of Sandwich is great, and a great price. T-Rex is fun, but be prepared to hear babies crying every time the meteor shower happens. We have seen some doozie kid-fits in there.

I loooove Raglan Road too!


Fulton’s is on the dining plan now too and is very nice. Wolfgang Puck on the Westside is on the plan.
WE love Raglan Road


We just (well 2 weeks ago) had lunch at Wolfgang Puck cafe on the west side and it was very good. Had planned on going back, but it didn’t happen. :crying:


For us, Earl of Sandwich wins hands-down - but that is if you are looking for a casual meal. Wolfgang Puck Express is also really good. For sit-down dinners, we love Raglan Road and liked Wolfgang Puck Cafe.


I love Earl of Sandwich!


I’m a huge Raglan Road and Trex Cafe fan. Also discovered the meatloaf sandwich at Wolfgang Puck express and fell in love!


Quick: Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Puck Express
Table: Bongos


Pucks for food and Raglan Road for pints.


I’m a fan of T-Rex. You might have difficulty getting a reservation there through Disney Reservations because they only book 20% of their restaurant on that system in order to encourage walk-ins. However, if you call the restaurant directly (T-Rex Orlando), you can make a reservation through them which will still work with DDP. Also, if you don’t have a reservation, you can usually walk in before 5:30. It’s a very large restaurant.


[QUOTE=Dopey;1126197]Fulton’s is on the dining plan now too and is very nice. Wolfgang Puck on the Westside is on the plan.
WE love Raglan Road[/QUOTE]

I agree on the first two.
I don’t love Raglan Road, but we did have a very good meal there a year or so back. I suppose I could eventually grow to love it.
There’s also Portobello, which is a sister restaurant to Fulton’s and specializes in Italian cuisine. Not sure what their current status is on the DDP, but if they are, I think they and Fulton’s are two credits.

I would like to add that perhaps the biggest reason we haven’t returned to Raglan Road is that it just hasn’t worked into our schedules.


Fultons, Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood (although it is always rammed when we eat there and the tables are far too close to each other). I too have heard great things on Wolfgang Puck but as yet have not experienced it first hand.


I consider Planet Hollywood to be the option of last resort, although we did have a decent dinner there at 11:30 on a Saturday night. It’s not bad. I just don’t think it’s all that special.


Truly, and this is really true, Earl of Sandwich is probably the best food at the best prices. But we really feel like Fulton’s is a family tradition we can’t pass up. So we make sure to do both. That was easy!


I’ve eaten at Planet Hollywood in several locations in the US as well as Europe. It’s not the worst food but not the best either. Pitted beside Hard Rock, I’ll take the food at Hard Rock over Planet. HOWEVER, if you have elem. age kids, going to Planet at DTD will give them something to “look at” while waiting for dinner…


Raglan Road is excellent. The salmon of knowledge is highly recommended. I ate at Earl of Sandwich last time I was down and it was very good. TRex is fun and the sandwich I had there was really good.