Downtown Disney


I’ve never been to Downtown Disney and I’m determined to get there on my upcoming trip so I made an ADR at Wolfgang Pucks Cafe. Now my question is how hard is it to get from DTD to the MK? Do you have to go back to your resort first or can you get a bus directly to MK or TTC? How big is DTD? I think the restaurant is on the Westside.


I don’t recall any buses to the MK only resorts. Take the bus to the Poly, Contemp or Grand Fl. and take the mon-rail to the MK. It is also an easy walk from the Contemp. DTD is a big area. Lots of shops and other restaraunts (Rain Forest, Portabella, Fulton’s) to name a few. Also Ghiradellies!!! Well worth a relaxing day away from the parks. You also have PI there for nightl life, as well as Disney Quiest.


Yes, the buses only go to the resorts from DTD, so Timsha is right on the money!


There are buses from DTD to the TTC. Then just take the Monorail or boat. That would be much faster than going back to your resort. :smile:

Here is a good chart for WDW transport:


DtD is a shoppong haven for me! It is a must.
As for the resturants. I would recommend the Earl of Sandwhich. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.
As for transportation. I would head to TTC for the fastest route to a park.


Thanks for the link R2G… didn’t know about that.


DTD is pretty big if you start at the Marketplace and go all the way through to the West Side, or vice versa. Although, there is SO much to stop and look at along the way you hardly even notice. Make sure you do venture over to the Marketplace to see the amazing Christmas store, WOD store, and the gallery.

The West Side is pretty cool too, where Wolfgang Puck’s is. I didn’t even know those restaurants took ADRs?!? Did you consider catching La Nouba after dinner? I’ve seen the show 3 times and have YET to get bored or failed to be amazed! it’s great!!!

Everyone is right about the buses too. The transfer is kinda a pain and last time we were so short on time so we literally jumped on a cab. It was $10 but saved us a lot of time on the transfer.

Enjoy DTD!!! You’ll LOVE it there!


Are you sure. I thought I read a post from Gingita saying there is no bus from TTC.

The reason for no buses to the parks makes total sense. Why pay $10 for parking at the parks when you can park for free at DTD and hope a bus?


When we did our one day EPCOT/MGM/DTD stint last month I can vouch there were NO buses to the T&TC. After that realization is when we decided on the cab b/c we didn’t have a lot of time to transfer back to a resort.


I don’t know about a bus from the TTC to DTD but I was on one from DTD to the TTC in November. Also if I where at DTD and trying to get to MK I would take the first bus that showed up that was going either to the TTC or the Contemporary Resort. Going to the Contemporary and then walking to MK was the faster of the two for me. I’m a nerd and did time it. DTD to MK by way of TTC then express Monorail took me 29min. DTD to MK by way of Contemporary then walkway to MK took me 24 min. I did these each only once so your times may vary.:smile:


Yeah, there wasn’t a bus from the TTC to DTD. I had to walk to the Poly to get on one. I am not sure about the opposite direction though, since I just took the first resort bus that showed up, then transfered to get to MGM.