Downtown disney


There is a lego store here correct? Can anyone tell us about it


Yes, there is a store in DtD. I guess it is a good sized store. You can buy kits and bags of individual pieces in there. Not sure how the costs are. The store is always busy.


And they have awesome things out front built entirely out of, you guessed it, LEGO’s! Great photo ops.


This store is wonderful. And be prepared that your kids will want just about everything they sell. My boys went crazy in there. We had to go nearly every night :laugh:


Prices are the same as they are in the lego catalogs.

And, yes, beware, because time stands still when you go into that store. My boys can not get enough of it! :slight_smile:


I have a daughter and she loves legos, I was hoping they had things built out of legos, that what she is interested in seeing! Thanks


They do have sculptures in and outside of the store. Not sure how often they change them though.


and kids can make lego things in the play yard


My boys also loved this store and spent a lot of time there. I was lucky that we brought another bag with us to put their new Lego kits in for the plane ride home. There are some great photo opps around the store too.:happy:


My son (and DH for that matter) loves the Lego store. He could spend hours in there looking around and building lego guys. I think you get 3 lego guys for $10, not a bad deal.


We’ve never been inside. We just like to go check out the sculptures outside.


Love it…tons of fun in there with really cool already made lego statues and displays…the coolest I have ever seen…especially outside the store and in the water near the store (a dragon in legos…lol). They have a play area for kiddos too…it’s a nice place to take a break and let the kids have some fun.


As everyone says the outside is great as well as inside! You can even see them on google earth. My DS would love to spend his entire day in there. I’m glad I used the delivery service or all we bought would have been opened as soon as he was given the chance…bus, pausing while walking through the area, all over the room that night. Love that delivery service. We got gifts for the neighbors there and it is really a great toy that isn’t as much of a waste of money as other soveneirs or gifts can be.


What do you mean “could”? they do, don’t they, they do :laugh:


You’re right, they do spend hours in there playing (more than once a trip if they can). The best part about that is I get some alone time to shop w/o them. That huge WoD store scares me at night when it’s packed, I’m too worried about keeping track of Nate to really shop.


Love the Lego store. Our DS looks foward to getting something from there everytime we come down. Great photo ops outside. Love the guy snoring on the bench!


We are going from Sept 19-26! What is a good time to go to Downtown Disney? About how many stores are there and how long does it take to walk through it? I was thinking about going shopping there at night while the hubby and the kids sleep. I have a 3 and a 2 yr old so I think I would like to go here one time and shop alone?

I am still new to this board and would love to know how I can post a cool Disney picture in my posts like the veterns here have. Feel free to send me a private message anytime teaching me about mousebuzz!


My DH loves that lego store. Its very distracting! Could easily spend an hour in there :slight_smile:


It is a really great place to shop. We love it down there and we love Earl of Sandwich too. It doesn’t really take that long to walk through. Depends on the crowds. Night time is great.


Great store, my DS and DH could spend hours there! Great place to get those hard to find lego t-shirts. It’s my DS’s favorite place to shop at DTD.