Dream Dining


Has anyone been on the Dream yet with a large group?

We take off in like 12 days and are tring to set up a dining table with another family. We are 11 total but have had no problem in the past on the Magic.

We called yesterday and got some cr*p about the tables really only fit 8 people max, blah, blah, blah.

Any ideas?


I thought this was the group you did not want to sit with anyway? :laugh:

There were 14 of us on our group (4 families). We had long tables pushed together in Animators and Royal Palace. In Enchanted Garden with had 2 tables perpendicular to each other in a corner. That was actually a really cool set up because we had all the kids (ages 8 - 13 and well behaved) sit at one table and the adults at the other.

So, as long as your linked for dining they will work it out the best they can.

Can’t wait to hear how much you love your trip!!


At times, you are right - less is more! :laugh:

OK, it sounds liked they worked with you the best that they could. I guess that is all that you can ask.

Let’s see!


can you get something to eat all night?


I have not been on the Dream yet but I have been on the Magic three times. I believe you cana get room service (limited menu) 24/7. You never go hungry on a cruise!