Dress code for Signature restauants


[COLOR=“Blue”] We have made ADR’s at Yachtsmen Steakhouse and Artist Point for our upcoming trip. My question is about the dress code. I know the code calls for “Business Casual”. Can we dress on the downside of business casual or would that maybe make us feel a little uncomfortable. I know we are planning on going to the parks after eating so we didn’t want dress up to much. So is the code really just a guideline.:ohmy: What do you all think ?:cheshire:[/COLOR]


You are more or less allowed to wear anything that is not cut-offs, tank tops, graphic T-shirts and the like. I would think you could wear a sundress or a pair of nice shorts with a blouse type shirt and be just fine - men dress shorts and a polo is more then acceptable.


I like dressing up just a bit. :happy:


We have gone right from the parks. DH has had on a nice pair of shorts or jeans with a golf shirt. I’ve worn nice shorts, skirt with a nice top, I’ve even worn a nice yoga suite once, when our plane was late and our lugguage hadn’t been delivered. We usually eat there every trip, and have never had a problem with dress code.




Thanks everyone, your answers helped lots.I also enjoy dressing up a little ,but we always worry about over packing and paying extra air fee’s for suitcase’s.:pirate: