Dress Code?


We’re heading to the Cali Grill for my DD’s 18th birthday and I was wondering what the dress code was for there… Is it really dressy? Or would a sundress be just fine?? Shoulders covered?? That sort of thing… Curious but came to the conclusion that I have nothing even remotely dressy in my closet so before I go shopping thought I would pick your brains!!! I am so NOT a dressy person, but hey for one night I’m actually looking forward to it!!


A sundress would be fine - no need to cover the shoulders - except to ward off the chance of over-zealous air-conditioning. Pants or capris and a nice top or shirt is also acceptable. Skirt and nice little T. Just keep away from the schleppy shorts and flipflops. For men - golf shirts and slacks (even shorts if they dressy and longer).


Yes, what llama said. I have worn everything she suggested, not all at once:glare:, when we’ve dined there. We’ve also gone very formal:wub:


We have seen everything as far as dress is concerned. To help you fit in and feel more comfortable something nice is in order. Skip the flops and cutoffs. Sundress would be perfect.


I agree with the rest and say the sun dress is just fine. DH can wear shorts and a golf shirt and be fine as well. Dress code is dressy casual, but not park casual. No big.


Sundress is fine.
You might consider bringing something to cover your upper body for those moments when you get overwhelmed by the AC. Also, some nights, it can be cool out on the observation deck. Remember, you’re 150 feet above the ground and it’s windy up there.
Open toed shoes for a woman are fine.
If you wanted to wear (non cut off) shorts and a golf shirt, that would be acceptable too (man or woman). I do all the time.


I could have SWORN I read that somewhere…


Clearly you must be mistaken:cheshire:


I was going to post about Boss’ pink tutu but I managed to resist the urge. :laugh:


And yet it looks to us like you couldn’t resist:tongue: