Dress Rehearsal!


Last night, our family had our dress rehearsal for the MNSSHP -

Last time we did not have a dress rehearsal and realized only after looking at our PhotoPass pictures that my husband and I looked like Amazon Mouse and the Dwarf Prince. We were appalled and deleted all photos immediately! (We were supposed to be Minnie Mouse and Prince Charming, but my huge Minnie Shoes and Ears made me look over 1 ft taller than my DH! :ohmy: Ridiculous!

So, here it is: What do you think?

Will anyone else please post their dress rehearsals…


Haha awe!! I love that you had a dress rehearsal!
Great costumes!


Great costumes!


You guys look fantastic, I love it!!! You are going to be scene-stealers! :happy:


Love it, you all looks amazing.


you all look fantastic!

great job!


FABULOUS!!! The photos this time will certainly be keepers!


AARRGGHH!! You guys look great, Matey!


Aye, cowanfamily- shiver me timbers, you look downright authentic


Wow! What great costumes!!! I love that you had a dress rehersal!


That is awesome! How fun! I had enough trouble getting Ed to dress up in a groom hat- I doubt he would dress as a cool pirate like yours did. You all look great!


Thanks, guys! We are very excited!



I dont think my DH would do the dance Ed did though! (Whispering Canyon!)


The costumes are great. How exciting. I’m amazed you got the kids to dress up. I’m not sure I could get all of mine.


OMG! We have been working on this for months. Last time we surprised the kids with the Halloween party and bought their costumes without their knowing. My DS7 was Stitch and my DD9 was Tink. My son burned up and my daughter felt a bit of a draft! This year, we decided to go as something together and once I found the cute girl pirate costume, we knew the rest of us could find something good to go with. The kids LOVE dressing up!:wub: Especially at WDW! The CMs and characters were so great to them, and we loved all being a part of the fun. I think this year will be even better.



You all look great! Thanks for sharing the pic. I hope you have a wonderful time!


great costumes when are you going?


I think we will be there the same night you will, Disneylovers5! Sept. 9. I was checking the list yesterday and saw your name. Look out for us, you wont be able to miss us!

We are going with 2 friends who will be Darth Vader and Princess Leah!

What are YOU wearing?


Your costumes aaaarrrggg awesome!:pirate:


You all look great! I am sooooo jealous. The closest we have gotten to being dressed alike was the year we all got to be a Disney character. I would always buy a costume for myself and hope everyone else would go along with it. Never happened. The best was when DH gave in and went as Prince Charming and DD was Cinderella. DD2 was Lilo and I was The Wicked Queen…DH and I joked while out at a Halloween party (Adult Only) “What Cinderella doesn’t know won’t hurt her”. I have also been Cruella without any Dalmations…DDs were Elizabeth :pirate:(POC) and Sleeping Beauty that year. Sadly this year I have to work and won’t be able to go to the school party so I have to plan for next year.