Dress Up!


Hey guys i’m taking my future bride to wilderness lodge for our honeymoon.
we will be there in the middle of january. So just a few more weeks! i’m excited and she has no idea where were going.
ok so to my question. i want to take her out one of the nights to a restaurant and i want us to dress up. I was originally thinking artist pointe is this a good restaurant and plus it would be right at our hotel! or do you recommend another?


First of all, congratulations on the wedding and honeymoon. WL is my favorite resort, it’s perfect for a honemoon, it’s so romantic and peaceful.

I haven’t been to Artist Point but I have read wonderful reviews about both the food and service. Some good friends ate there last winter and really enjoyed it, in fact they still talk about it.


we are going then for our honeymoom also.!!! Yippee


I love the Wilderness lodge that is where I honeymooned five wonderful years ago !!! I think I ate at artist point when we were there but it was a character breakfast when I went . I have never eaten dinner there but I also have heard it was wonderful .


Never eaten there, but if you really want to dress up, why not Victoria & Albert’s?


Artist Point is FANTASTIC! My favorite restaurant. Ask to sit in Pok’s section- she was our wonderful server. Love love love Artist Point.

But I do echo mrspooky… for a dress up experience, you might want to try V&A (which I’m not familiar with. But Artist Point, despite what they say, is not a thoroughly dressed up place).


This is what I was gonna suggest as well. If you really want to dress up, this is the place !!!


I have heard that the California Grill can be very romantic, especially if you time it with the fireworks at MK.


Andrea wrote:

Artist Point is FANTASTIC! My favorite restaurant. Ask to sit in Pok’s section- she was our wonderful server.

I agree, I agree, and I agree. We’ve always had great service at Artist Point, but Pok does stand out as the best of the best.

I would suggest making a later ADR for an adult, romantic dinner. Our entire family (kids included) normally eats at Artist Point early (they open at 5:30). At that time, there are several families dining.



I was hoping you would see this thread, Bruce. I remember you speaking highly of AP in the past and knew you could give great first hand advice.


Thanks DT! :redface:

If you like wine, I’d highly recommend the wine flight with your meal (it’s 4 small samples of wine paired to your tastes and the food). Our favorite dishes are the smokey portabella soup, mussels, planked salmon (their signature dish), buffalo, and…well…any dessert (the cobbler being their specialty).

The servers are so good. I’ve watched them go from tables of families to romantic couples to business people and noticed how their style changes to suit what the diners are looking for.

All this said… my wife and I finally get a night to ourselves this trip, and we’re eating at…California Grill. In our minds, eating at Artist Point is a family tradition…even though it is very suited for adult, romantic dining.



First off–Welcome Pikey!! And congrats on making the right choice for a honeymoon!! The marriage will be magical I am sure!! I agree with mrspooky–V&A’s would be the ULTIMATE dressy-up dinner!! :tongue: