Drinks at Pop Century food court


What kind of drinks do they have for your refillable mugs at PC? Do they have any kind of fruit punch, Hi-C or juice that my kids can get? They don’t drink anything carbonated (I don’t even think they’ll like the slushes if they are carbonated). At AK they had lemonade, and the menu at allears says there is apple juice. Has anyone gone recently that knows for sure???


This is what the menu on Allearsnet says:

Fountain Drink Choices -
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Minute Maid Apple Juice and Caffene Free Diet Coke
Ice Tea
Icees: Cherry and Coke Flavors

Looks like Apple juice may be your best choice…I stayed there in September, but I don’t remember for sure what they had…


I was there in early Dec and they did have apple juice but I didn’t notice any other non-carbonated drinks. But I wasn’t looking either. The only reason I know they had apple juice was, I was looking for just water and by the apple juice lever was a tiny lever for plain water.


Thanks,JoJo, the apple juice will do it. I must have the only kids on the planet who don’t like soda.


My family is the same way. In fact as adults, we rarely drink soda. Since moving to Texas Tea has become my number one drink followed by a close second with good ole fashioned H2O!

My mother is famous for water with lemon and then a package or 2 of sugar and she has her own lemonade!


Older DD will drink ice tea, with sweetener in it. But younger two will only drink milk, juice, punch, kool-aid,etc.I really wish they had milk for the mugs.


I don’t remember exactly what my ds drank in 2004 but I know it was not carbonated. Add my son to the list of those who does not like “fizz”.


Thank is great that the PC has apple juice, that you can get in the refillable mugs. When we were at ASM, they only had lemonade beside pop or cofee that you could get for the refillable mugs.( my kids do not drink pop either)


Milk would be great(for me too :happy: )


My DS (8) drank mostly ice tea in his mug and had juice once in a while. I didn’t think it was apple but I guess maybe it might have been. He had an icee drink a couple of times (the blue kind) and enjoyed that. He’s not a soft drink kiddo either. We brought packets of Crystal Light and another powder drink mix (must be getting late . . . my brain cells are dying and my memory is going) and mixed it with water, too. We bought the mug mainly as a souvenir anyway, not as much for the free refills. But I’m sure we got our money’s worth.


They have Lemonade and the fanta is still too! they also have Hot chocolate. We left there on the 1st!


I think they have HI C lemonade and they also have what I call slurpees or icees which I even have once and awhile to cool off


We went last Jan. I know that they had lemonade. Because I had Half & Half (lemonade and ice tea) the whole time we were there.



They do have lemonade, it’s Minute Maid LIGHT lemonade though, so if you don’t want your child to have any artificial sweeteners, your best bet is the apple juice. My kids also had hot cocoa when we were there last week.