What are some of your favorite places for alcoholic beverages throughout WDW? Looking for fun places, a good bartender, cool decor, etc? Also, any favorite speciality drinks! Thanks!


Great question. I am looking forward to all the answers :smile:


I guess we’re including Dowtown Disney and Boardwalk in this ?

In which case I had to decide between House of Blues , The Adventurers Club, Raglan Road and the , unfortunately now gone , White Horse Saloon.

So I’m going for the HOB. ( But if the WH Saloon was still around it would’ve been there )


Lapu, Lapu from the Poly bar.
Rum runners & Strawberry margarita’s at OKW outdoor bar next to Olivia’s.

We really do not drink much at WDW. The kiddo’s remind us that those are “not good for us”. :wink:


I love the layered frozen margaritas in Epcot’s Mexico!


My absolute favorite are Mississippi Mudslide’s at the River Roost lounge at POR while watching BOB perform!!!


My favorite drink at WDW is Octopus Juice at Coral Reef. It’s a pina colada with rasberry liquor ~ just yummy!!! Whispering Canyon has a great drink…it’s the Northwest Sunset ~ try it if you like rum.

As for bars…well, I’m not sure about that one, we usually grab a drink at dinner. Wish did show me the Prime time Cafe Bar (next to the Cafe) at MGM, but the bartender wasn’t nice…but the atomosphere is cool.


In the hotels:

AKL: Victoria Falls.
CR: Outer Rim (although I haven’t been there since the “fast food” thing to over part of it.
Dolphin: lounge at the blueZOO. Awesome decor

In the Parks.

AK: Dawar (my favorite in park bar). It is outside though.
EPCOT: Don’t have a current one, since the lounge at the Japanese Pavillion is closed and may not exist after the expansion. This used to be my favorite in-park bar after the Catwalk Bar closed in D/MGM
D/MGM: Tune-In Lounge. The decor is kind of neat, kind of 50’s era sitcom house. Note: This place attracts people waiting to be seated at the 50’s Primetime Cafe. So it will crowded even with people sitting on the floor, but since many people are waiting for a table for lunch/dinner, the stools at the bar free up fairly quickly

I also like the bar at the Fulton Crab house, although the service can be iffy. I like the fact it is on the water so I can look at the on the water activity.


We had such a good time at the Rose & Crown Pub in Epcot. They had a great piano player that played really fun sing-a-long bar songs!

The margaritas and cold draft beer in Mexico are good too if you want to stay outside.


does Epcot in general count?


Lapu Lapu at the Poly bar! And…margaritas at the Mexico Pavillion:)


Margaritas at the Mexico Pavillion. But, it tastes better at night, with the stars out, while walking through the countries.


i can agree on that one. I have done that many of times.


Don’t drink in that much in the parks. Maybe a pint or two at Rose & Crown during the day at Epcot. Jelly Rolls (over on the Boardwalk) is our all time favorite place at night, Lapu Lapu’s at Ohana’s’. Of course, there is always Pleasure Island at night also.


I have heard alot about Jelly Rolls. Thanks for the ideas, magarita’s sound great! Thanks for the ideas so far!


Oohhh…I forget about Jellyrolls, alot of fun! Don’t go too early though. The show really picks up after 9:30!!!


I agree Lapu Lapus at the Poly bar…see if Stefan is working–he is wonderful!!

The Outer Rim at Contemp----if Bob or Sam are tending the bar…you will have the best martini ever!

Raglan Road–Gina makes the most awesome martini’s and margarita’s! While you are there, get some bread and butter pudding!


I agree with you Allyson. It doesn’t get any better than Mississippi Mudslides and Bob. I thought I had died and gone to heaven the first time I had a MM. YUM!!!


Germany. I think. It’s all kind of fuzzy.


LOOOOOOOOVE to drink the lobby bar at Port Orleans Riverside, right by the piano!

And ESPN Club is also fun – we like to watch some sports on TV, which makes it even more fun.