Drive from Arizona to Disneyworld


We are going to be driving from Phoenix to Disneyworld in July. Has anyone driven this route? Are there any points of interest along the way that would be fun to stop and see? Maybe in Texas because it is so big it would good to have a break in the middle. Did I mention I would be driving with 6 kids ages 17, 16, 14, 7, 6 and 2. :eek:


wow…good luck with keep everyone sane…including yourself…I guess my little two hour drive to WDW is not really bad after all…hehehe…have fun though…and make sure you hit the jungle cruise!


Wow…good luck with that!


we are only 6 hours from Disneyland and we go there 3 or 4 times a year, and we are only going to be able stay at Disney world for about 4 days so we wanted to hit the rides that we don’t have at disneyland. any suggestions?


I have made the drive from the Texas panhandle down and it is a long trip. How long are you planning on for the drive? If I had never done the drive before and had several hours to spend, Vicksburg is a beautiful place to plan a stop (if you are going down I-20). From Vicksburg, it is about 10 hrs to Orlando. Nothing major comes to mind in Texas, but then I have lived here for a long time. Our area is so flat and dry that I am just glad when I reach DFW area where there are trees and water. From there on, it is all good!!!


I’ll be going down the I-10 all the way. I know all about dry, I am from Arizona! lol. I am hoping to to make it to Fort Walton Beach in two days but it may be three. Does that sound do-able?


pumouse, are you insane. I gripe about our car ride from Ohio. There is no way I would make that trip. You are parent of the year in my book.


yes I am insane, but don’t judge me by my mental health :wacko: lol. my kids are used to being dragged all over. although this will be a record for us, we have never driven anywhere when we would have to stop and stay over night on the way. That is a big drive for you too, how long does that take?


If you don’t mind really long days, I think it is doable. We drive ‘home’ to Mississippi several times a year and make it in one day. At the very least, it is a 14 hr drive. That is our stop over if we are driving to Orlando. At least you have some relief drivers. I usually do most of the driving because DH makes me nervous and he is just as happy to sleep or read while I drive. Doesn’t sound like you will have much time for an extended stop. :mickey: Looking at the map, are you planning on the first overnight in the San Antonio area? I think that is where the green stuff starts. :biggrin:
Hope you are having nice weather there in the Phoenix area. We are headed there this weekend and I am hoping for good weather.


It will be about 90 or so this weekend, so not to bad yet. that is what I was wondering, where a good place to stop is. I am not sure if I should make reservations or just stop when I can’t go anymore. My older kids only have driving permits and they have not earned the priveledge of getting thier driver licenses yet, so I am not sure if they can even drive on the highway or in another state, I will have to look into that. What are visiting Arizona for? what part are you going to?


Do you have a DVD player for your car/van? They are so worth the money on long trips.


Cincinnati to Orlando is 16 hours or @ 1000 miles. Our three kids travel really well but there are a lot of things for them to watch out of the window. I hear the drive from Arizona to through Texas is going to be the hardest part.

I would either drive through the night or have you older kids get their permits so that they could help. Even if they only drove and hour or two that is one or two hours you would not have to.


According to Rand McNally your trip is twice as long as mine. I love my wife and kids, but if we were in a car that long, at least one member of the family (most likely me) would get kicked out of the car on the way.


yes they have permits just not licenses, I would be nervous with them driving an the highway. And yes we do have some portable dvd players, so that will give them something to do. but I was wondering if it was like that, with nothing to look at. On the way to California from here it is like, that for about 3 hours everything looks the same. I wonder how long everything looks the same on the highway in Texas.


If any one gets kicked out it will be the 17 year old, if anyone has one you know what I mean! :eek:


I was just using the Microsoft streets and trips, and it says if I drive with stopping every 4 hours for a 15 minute rest, and over night I should be able to make it 2 days. I do want to stop in New Orleans for at least a couple of hours. but I could still get there late on the second day. I am going to be staying with a friend ( yes I do have friends that will let me stay with them with 6 kids) in Fort walton beach. then I will be going to orlando from there, it is about 8 hours from there. The initial drive is around 27 hours.


The trip across Texas will be the longest part of your trip. As far as where to stop I would also choose the San Antonio area, or if you feel like going a little further, stay just outside of Houston. Depending on when you are going, hotels in San Antonio may be busy as that is a big summer vacation spot for Texans with Sea World and Fiesta Texas. Good Luck!


what is fiesta texas? Have you been to that six flags? is it like magic mountain? :confused:


Make sure the car is in good working order. Especially the A/C. Nothing like being stuck in Texas in a car with 6 kids and no air.


I am renting a suburban i think, unless I buy a newer one before that. I would never take the van I have now, if you drive in it for more than 2 hours it sputters and then it stalls, if you let it sit for a while it will start right up and go again. Even our machanic cannot figure out what is wrong with it. so no more long trips in the family van! :mellow: