Driving Directions From Airport


Hello I need to find some directions from the airport I had some 2 years ago but do not remember where I got them. We are going to the POP.


You can try www.mapquest.com or ask for a map/directions at the rental car counter.

I don’t know all the roads, but basically, you want to go west from the airport to I-4 West. From there, just follow the signs to WDW. Then the WDW signs to Pop.

You will go through at least one toll booth before reaching I-4.


Thanks I used mapquest and got them. Almost time


Take the south exit out of the airport (plenty of signs that all will say disney on them) go to the 417 expressway (greenway) you will need to head west (signs will say disney) then follow to the Ocesola Parkway exit. there will be 2 $1.00 tolls on the highway and one exit toll that is exact change only no dollar bills for 75 cents I think. once you exit the 417 turn right onto the Ocesola parkway. Follow this road straight about 2 miles up you will go through the disney welcome arch, after the arch turn right at your first light this will be victoria way turn right at your next light its the entrance to POP Century.

To be honest I love Mapquest, but in this case I would think twice about useing it. Mapquest will most likely send you a little different way that has much more traffic, speed, and confusing signs.

These directions are assuming you are renting from a car rental onsite at the airport. If not let me know.


Thanks 15min yes we will be renting a mini van got a great deal 211.00 for a week. Used the disount codes on mousesavers for dollar.