Driving from Jersey to Disney!


So, DH booked a surprise trip to Disney for me and our girls. He then realized he had to tell me, because he needed me to book the dining reservations, etc. hahahaha
So, anyway, we are driving, we have done it twice before, and didn’t mind it at all. The first time we took the drive, someone here on MB told us about a hotel in Georgia to sleep at, that there were coupons at a rest area a few miles before it, and with the coupon the room was $79 for the night. I remember it was a well known hotel, not a cheap small motel or anything like that. I’m sure it’s a long shot, but thought I would ask, and am hoping the person is still on here and could tell me, or maybe someone else knows of a good hotel.
Thanks in advance for the help!!!


Don’t know the hotel, but YAAAAYYYYYY for DH! Happy trip planning!!!


hahaha. lol Beth. Thanks! I’m so excited! Love surprise trips from the hubby!


I have driven from NJ twice. I power-drove right through and stayed at Seralago Family suites at Disney’s East gate. It’s cheap and clean - works for a night. Get the Drive I95 book if you don’t have it. Helps pass the time.


We’re in Eastern PA and have driven to WDW each time. I’d advise stopping at the GA welcome center. They have a person there that has special rates for different hotels at virtually every exit on I=95 in GA. You can judge from the time you arrive at the welcome center how much further you want to try to go, and they can find you discounted rates. One time they got us a room at Country Inn and Suites in Kingsland (like three miles from the Florida border) for $59. Normally we use one of the Hampton Inns, because I can usually stay at one of those free using the Hilton Honor points I earn travelling for business


I just wanted to add my experiences of driving up and down I-95 between NJ and Florida.
Last time I drove, it was northbound. We just missed the Autotrain so we basically left Sanford at 4 PM, although we actually left south Florida about 3 hours earlier. When driving in either direction, on the northbound run, I usually stop well into North Carolina, around MM 73 (Dunn). Southbound from the Paterson/Clifton area, the stop is about MM 160 in South Carolina (Florence).
Where we actually stop and stay depends more on how tired I am and how much I just want to get out of the car already. And know that your room will be far cheaper en route than it is once you’re in Orlando, even without discounts.


Shortly after 9/11 before our DVC days we were staying at POR and we near the front check in outside and a car pulled up with Jersey plates and the a guy got out from the drivers side and proclaimed he didn’t care if the plane blew up next year he was NEVER driving again to WDW