Driving from MCO to WDW


Has anyone driven from the airport (specifically the Thrifty rental car agency) to WDW? How long is it? Do they give us a map?

Then once we are at OKW, will they give us a map to drive around the world?


Nokey -
Do you have the Unofficial guide to WDW? If you do, they have pretty decent driving directions in there. You can also get them on the official disney site if I am not mistaken. My DBf map Quested it for last trip and had no problems with their directions, so there is another option if the other two don’t work out.


We did not rent from Thrifty, but National. When we got in the car, there was a map and the directions to WDW were very simple.

Should be a snap for you and take about 30 minutes.


All of the car rental agencies have maps of the area and how to get from MCO to WDW. It is about a half hour drive. Very easy directions, and once you get on property, the signage is fantastic.


Everything is fairly well marked once you get into the World. I’ve been here a week right now, and I think i’m getting it down! The best part is everything pretty much makes a circle, it would be hard to actually get really lost in WDW!


All very good news! I have Birnbaums and I just looked inside and there are directions from MCO, there. Thanks for the suggestions! I can’t wait!!!


It is an easy drive, but remember to have some quarters handy for the toll road. :pirate: