Driving time from MCO to WDW


Ginger maybe you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Disney will pick me up at the airport when I arrive for my International Program…

I was just wondering how long does it take to drive from MCO to WDW?
The flight I will be taking gets into MCO at 5:00pm and I’m going tp be spending one night at a value resort (don’t know what one yet) just wondering aprox. what time I’ll be able to check in.


20 minutes to an hour depending on rush hour traffic (which is right around 5pm).


awesome! is MCO the best airport to fly into? I would think so, but I don’t know if there are any others around…


Yes it is.

I would exit the airport to the south and take 417 west (417 is a toll road). Take 417 west to Osceola Parkway. Then look for the turn off for the Value’s. It is a pretty direct route.

You can look it up on maps.Google.com.


I usually plan on about a half hour driving time on average.


thats awesome, not too long at all :mickey: so I should totally make an ADR for somewhere that evening…maybe with a DCer who lives close to WDW


For the regular college program, we had to provide our own transportation from the airport. I am not sure how the International Program works. But if it’s not provided, just take the Magical Express if you are staying on property. That’s what I did and it worked out great. Especially since I didn’t have to pick up my massively-heavy luggage at the baggage claim. :laugh: Then in the morning, I just took a cab from Pop Century to Vista Way–approximately $14. Where do you check in when you arrive? The Commons?

And you can definitely hang out with me–I will go to dinner with you if I am not working that night! :biggrin:


oooh yeah, I hope you’re not working! I think I’m remembering some info lol, I think Disney only picks you up if you’re going on the day of your arrival and since I’m going the day before, I’ll just use ME.
Ginger, I hope you’re not working cuz we should totally go for dinner somewhere!!!
and yes, the morning of the 14th I check into the Commons, they said on the phone that the apartments are first come first serve so I’m going to get there really early to get the best pick :slight_smile: I hope for a 2 or 3 bedroom place…


Yeah, that’s what I did–I wanted first pick of the apartments, so I arrived about 30 minutes early for check-in. They said to show up between 9am-1pm…well, I was there at 8:30…it would have been about 45 minutes early, but my cab was late. I was the 2nd person in line. :biggrin: Luckily I got to the apartment first, because my room is definitely the best (and biggest) here!

And I will definitely put in to have March 13 as one of my days off for the week (that is correct, right?).


yeah thats the right date, I’m so excited!!! Where should we go for dinner?


Hmmm, so many good choices! Well, since it’s your very first night in WDW, I will let you decide! :mickey: I have the Disney Dining card (it’s better than the CM discount for dinner), so we can save 20%. I like any kind of food, so I am up for anything. :biggrin:


cool…but I’ve never been there so YOU should decide :laugh: :biggrin:
Somewhere in the resorts since I won’t have my gatepass yet…

P.S. what is the Disney Dining card? Like the dining plan? or something else…if it’s better than the CM discount then I should look into getting one of those too.


You guys are going to have such fun! What about OHANA since it’s at a resort? And it’s a fun place!


yeah! That would be nice…and my being a polynesian dancer I would LOVE it there!