Driving time


Okay so I just mapquested the route from my hotel (Seralago Suites Main Gate east act. 3 miles from wdw) to Animal Kingdom(our first park) it gave me a drive time of 16 minutes. But I know with traffic thats not true, however I dont want to show up with a 5 year old an hour before the park will even open. Ive been told to leave my hotel an hour to an hour and half before the parks open. I do want to get their in time for the opening show. so can anyone give me some advice? Is one hour reasonable? or not enough? or too soon?



I’ve only stayed off property once, 1 mile from the Epcot exit. An hour should be plenty of time to drive, park, tram, walk… I’d worry more about traffic to WDW entrance, than once you’re on WDW roads. If you look at a map, it’s a lot quicker just to get off the Epcot exit than to drive all the way around.


I would give it an hour. By the time you get there, park, wait for a tram, go through security and ticket booths, the park would be opening in no time. I’ve never been to AK at opening, but I do remember always seeing cm’s holding educational things like spiders in a box, etc. right when you first walk in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had that kind of stuff on the outside for all the people waiting (but not sure).


yes, there is “entertainment” before the park opens between the parking lot and the park entrance. So, if you are slightly early, it won’t be terrible to have to wait for park opening.


Okay good to know and I may still give ourselves a little more than an hour window since they do provide entertainment. Plus less traffic=less stop and go which is horrible for my daughter and husband, who both suffer from motion sickness.:nuke:



That sounds about right and like Dopey said there is entertainment before you get to the park. I am sure traffic would be a factor but would think parking might be an issue where you need to wait for the shuttle service from your car to the entrance.