Driving to and from... is it just me?


I wasn’t driving in Florida anywhere- wish I was… but I was driving in Georgia on Friday night- going north- in north Georgia…

I am not going to say what states it involved (to not incite a riot) but WHY, WHY, WHY do people sit in the middle lane and NEVER use their rear view mirror??? I felt like I was in the movie “CARS” and was having to swerve around every single car (from states north of me). None of then moved out of the middle lane to the slower lane. It was like they thought it was their private driving lane.

Is it taught in driver’s ed that the slow lane is the right hand lane??? And you are supposed to get in it when a faster car is approaching from the rear? Basic driving instructions? Am I crazy? Please tell me something about this I don’t know.

It seemed to be really heavy due to spring break, and there was no noticing that people were passing them in both the left and right lane…

Just an observation… Does Georgia put you to sleep? (I mean, I could see how it would…)


Because people are selfish. No more are the days when a person would have manners, and abide by the rules. Everyone has the attitude, if you don’t like it, YOU can go around.


Was it on the interstate? Whenever I’m somewhere with a 3+ lane system, I find that a lot of tourists stay in the middle lanes because they aren’t sure exactly where their exits are, so they don’t want to go all the way to the right - in case they get stuck in the lane and have to take the exit.

It’s Spring Break time, so tourists are starting to arrive in my area and it makes me want to kill everyone.


I have to agree with Kippage. Drivers are unsure where they are going so the middle lane is a safe place. I tend to stay to the left and hop back in the middle when a car comes up behind me, then back to the left. Although I do not worry about getting that magic ticket either.


understandable but isn’t the rule that if you’re not passing any cars you are in the farthest right lane?
:laugh: on the Autobahn in Germany, the cars behind you would have given you the high beams and then honked you out of the way:biggrin:


I was always taught that the middle lane is the driving lane and you should only be in the right lane to take an exit or build up speed from an on ramp and the left lane is the passing lane. That being said years of driving, “unofficially” the common curtesy is if you are slower you stay to the right. But I do have to agree when I am unsure I am also in the middle lane because exits tend to “pop up” in the right lane.


Well that may be the case. But this was rural Georgia, well north of Atlanta, where there are no exits. So, I am not sure why people couldn’t move over out of everyone’s way- not just me… It was a major problem for a lot of people on the interstate. My husband and I were watching the pattern develop. Every time it was a problem because of the people in the middle lane. It was definitely not safe for them to stay in the middle lane when everyone around them was whizzing past them in the left and right lanes. I was taught to stay to the right if I am going slower than everyone else, or to move over (when not in the slow lane) if someone going faster pulls up behind me . Otherwise, I am clogging up the lane behind me, and that is dangerous. I watched it today- there were people a half mile in front of us in the left lane and was causing a back up that far because they would not pull into the middle lane… It was scary being in that pack.

It is sad that people don’t have the courtesy for each other that existed a long time ago. I wish we could get it back. That being said- you all are a cut above… you are so nice on here. Not everywhere is it like that…