Driving to disney


We are going to be driving to Disney once again this year. I am a little bit disappointed because I was really hoping to fly but unfortunately the plane tickets that were available are RIDICULOUS in there flight times. get on flight at 6 go to Huston TX wait for 2 and a half ours then fly to Orlando get there around 1 in the after noon. I’m sorry but I cant justify buying a full day ticket for only a few hours. Plus I’m OCD and I’m all about maximizing and efficiency. so I have a question for all those who still drive. What do you guys do for the drive? what food do you pack? what activities to you do? what do you do to break up the manotany of the drive? It looks like its going to be a 16 hour drive so we are going to leave on Saturday the 20th at about 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon that will put us there at about 7 7:30 ish. I was just curious what every one else did.


I’m driving in 11 days from NJ. I’m staying aat my DVC in Hilton Head island or the night. Getting there on a sat and starting the parks on Sunday


We’ve done the drive many times from the Austin, TX area (about 1100 miles I think), takes us about 17 hours. We usually split up the drive though so we don’t arrive exhausted. We leave the moment the kids get out of school (around 4pm) and drive to Baton Rouge LA (about 6-7 hours), spend the night and head out the next morning and drive straight to Orlando. We don’t take much in food for the drive, maybe some fresh fruit because it’s harder to find at gas stations along the way… but I hate to have too much snacky food, we find ourselves eating out of boredom which isn’t good. So we just stop along the way for snacks and food. The kids take portable DVD players, hand held game devices, music and books (our kids are now 14yo but have been traveling long distances since they were 15 months old) Make sure you have head phones for the DVD players/TV, it’ll save your sanity! We take pillows to kick back and make the ride more comfy (for the kids and me, not the driver! hehe DH insists on doing most of the driving). We’re not much into car games these days, I think DH plays his own little game of “seeing how many cars he can pass and they don’t pass him back”. I just sit and read my magazines when his little game gets too intense! I guess another source of entertainment for us would be the satellite radio…the comedy show is on alot on trips and favorite music is a must. The hardest part is when you hit Florida and think "alright, we’re in Florida, we must be getting close…and it takes FOREVER!! Almost as bad as getting out of Texas!


lol well ive done it a few time before and we are taking a close friend family really this year and we’ve slit the drive into 3 sets of 5.5 i can drive the longest im used to it but i know all about getting into forida and it taking forever lol anything else


Our drive is about 1100 miles. We keep the kids up all day while I go to bed after dinner. Leave about midnight and drive through the night. We usually get to the GA/FL border mid-afternoon. Get hotel - pool - dinner - bed. GEt up next day and hit the road after breakfast and be in WDW by lunch.

During the ride, DVD’s are the greatest. A rule of thumb is to stop after two movies (3.5 hours) for each of our breaks.


[QUOTE=Big Al;913817]
During the ride, DVD’s are the greatest. A rule of thumb is to stop after two movies (3.5 hours) for each of our breaks.[/QUOTE]

Thats a great tip Big Al! We will be driving this trip also. I will definitely bring some movies and use this tip too.:happy:


We drive every year, although about 2 years ago we flew. We leave around 7pm and get there in about 12.5 hrs - 14.5 hours depending on who is driving and how many times we have to go potty. Leaving at 7pm works great for us as we have 4 kids and they usually conk out at around 9pm-11pm and then its easy riding. Oh and we have portable dvd players, psp games (that also play movies the older kids like to watch) and Leapster’s for the younger kids.


We just went at the end of October and drove for the first time (approx 17 hours). We left at 1:00 in the morning and drove straight through getting to the resort at 7:00pm. The kids slept until about 8:00am so it was so nice and peaceful driving through the night. We did dvds (all Disney movies of course), coloring books, Nintendo DS games and other activities. We only stopped on a couple occasions but I would try to hit certain cities before stopping. We really liked the Florida welcome center where we all got a little cup of orange juice and the kids went crazy picking up a ton of brochures. That entertained them for the last 3.5 hours. We loved driving down and will do it again next year.
We stocked up on snacks and drinks for the trip and the kids were very content. Have a safe and wonderful trip!


ok, so do you just take turns sleeping if you are driving through the night? we usually leave at like 3 or 4 am and drive straight through (about 15 hours). it has worked pretty well for us. we have dvd player in the van, and take fun bags for each DD - coloring books, stickers, plain white paper, dolls, colored pencils (much better than markers), etc. we take fruit snacks, granola bars, pringles (easier than bags), nuts and bottles of water - for emergency “gotta have a snack right now” kind of moments. we stop somewhere for lunch, usually somewhere we can get out and stretch like a chic fil a that has a playground (although the girls are getting bigger now, so we may skip the playland).


DW slept for part of the trip during the night. I came home from work the day before we left and tried to sleep for a while. It was off and on since we were all too excited. I did all of the driving except for a two hour break after Atlanta. DW drove for that part and I was fine the rest of the way. DS was awake for most of the trip, DD would take little naps the entire time.

It is the trip back home that you need to take more breaks. We did not leave the resort until about 10:00am. We drove for about 12 hours and stopped for the night. After an entire week at WDW, we were not going to try and drive straight through. I’ve heard about people trying that and not making it home.

Just be careful and drive as much as you want but make sure to take breaks and switch off for a breather once in a while.


OMG, and I thought our drive was long. It takes us about 9 hours to get there.


I can’t imagine how often we would go if we were “only” 9 hours away!! Leave home at breakfast time and be at WDW for dinner…how awesome!!


We are just north of Charlotte with drive of about 9 hours. We have 3 children and have discovered that driving through the night is the best way to go for us. The kids sleep mostly, but until they’re ready to konk out for the night, they watch movies, play games, color. We also love to listen to the Wishes soundtrack to get us all pumped up for our arrival. I usually drive the first leg of the trip–as long as I can possibly go. DH rarely sleeps (he’s an insomniac anyway). Once I’m too tired to drive any further, DH takes over and gets us to Disney.

Since we’re driving during the night, we don’t need a lot of snacks, but we have traveled during daylight hours and packed cooler with juice boxes and water. We’ll also bring along fruit roll-ups, cookies, chips, nuts. Anything that’s not too messy. It’s a whole cheaper to buy stuff in bulk at BJ’s than to buy stuff at a convenience store. Anything that’s left over we use as snacks in our backpacks during our park time.

We usually don’t leave to head home until mid-afternoon of our final day. We are all too pooped to pop, so the kids usually konk out right away. Again, I’ll drive the first leg as long as I can stand it, and DH takes over. He is so good to stay awake and get us safely to our destinations. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m so grateful.:wub:


We hope to be going in Oct 09 for the first time in 4 years. I love the ride, about 18 hours, especially when my adult son goes because being locked up in a car with my 2 favorite men is wonderful. They have to put up with me because they have no choice. We share the driving and stop when we see something fun and a lot of potty breaks. Take it easy be safe and enjoy your time together. Sounds like something coming from a Grandma doesn’t it.


well it sounds like DVDs are the way to go! I think we are going to take laptops that have DVD roms on them I hope to have one and Elizabeth has one and I think Carmen has one. needless to say that way we have games (I am an avid gamer, I kind of have to be, I’m going to college to make them!) and push comes to shove I have my Iphone that we can get on the web with. Elizabeth is about to get her self and Iphone so I wont have to share lol. Really and Truly I’m not all that concerned with the drive. I’ve never flown to Disney and this is why I don’t. Planes can never get me where i’m going on time and I’m too ocd. Elizabeth on the other hand wasn’t so sure about driving again. but since Carmen is going with us this year its going to be so much easier, our driving schedule will be like this. Elizabeth, 3:30-9 when it gets dark she gets tired lol, Carmen 9-2:30, shes a night owl like me. Me 2:30-Disney! and POTC will be with us, along with NBC, and other various movies, POTC will last for around 1half rotation lol. the last one is LONG. plus it will get us psyched up for the ride.


We drive too…mostly because DH is afraid of flying. We love driving. Spliting it up is the best way to go. The drive down is always fun because we look for familiar landmarks that we have memorized on the trip.


I did the drive thing and will again. We left at 4:00 pm in the afternoon and arrived about 6:00am. The wife and kids got some sleep and I LOVED driving through the night. It was my calm before the storm.