Driving to Disney


We are driving to Disney like we do every year. We have more time than $$. This year most of our drive will be on Good Friday and we are anticipating traffic. Anyone who does the drive have an opinion on whether the I75 or the I77/I79 would be a better route?:confused:


What part of Canada are you coming from? I 77 is the route we take from North Carolina. We get to 26 (In South Carolina) which then meets up with I 95 (in South Carolina). We pick up 4 in Florida (near Daytona Beach).


I drive 77 a lot every year from Akron, Ohio. 77, 26, 95, 4 and your there. very easy and nice roads. Only $3.75 in tolls. When you go under the bridge in Akron that says Akron, Akron, Akron, Akron wave, I will be going over it.


dang even though I live in miami and have no idea what you guys are talking about $3.75 for tolls all the way to disney. dang that is sweet as heck. I live in miami and I take the Florida Turnpike and that is expensive I would say about $20 or more the whole ride to and back. that is a bummer.


I drive to FLA everytime I go. When I was little it was in March. and now in September. I never had a problem. Usually takes 20 hours from windsor. You have to make sure u stay out of major cities (altanta) during rush hours. Not a problem.