Driving yourself to the parks


We booked a short 3 day stay at Pop the week of Easter. Has anyone used their own vehicle to get to and from the parks instead of hopping on a bus everyday? Is it quicker drive yourself (since we’re only doing 1 park each day no park hopping) and is there a transportation shuttle from the parking lot to the park entrance? if so, is it quick, slow or non existent?..thoughts please.


It is not quicker to drive to the MK. because the buses pull up right at the turnstiles. If you drive, you have to park at the MK lot, take a tram to the TTC, get on the monorail or ferry and head over to the turnstiles.

At AK, even if you get a close spot, you are about as far from the entrance as the buses are. you might save a moment or two in time, but it’s not a lot of difference. I would say that’s about even.

At EC, you might be in a close parking spot, in which case you will save time over the bus route. But you might also have a spot at the end of the earth, and you will hate the hike past the bus stop and over hill and dale to your car.

At MGM, it’s like AK. Even-steven, I would say, because the trams run smoothly and quickly.

Pop has its own buses and does not share with other resorts, I believe. The buses in general provide the best door-to-door service. However, if you do decide to drive. there are trams that run in the lots to take people from the entrance through the lots.


having used a car on one trip while DBF was down with me, I can honestly say that it’s quicker to use your own transportation for every park BUT the MK as Missdisney said in the above post. That being said, I still use WDW’s transportation while down there with my DD rather then rent a car, but that’s just my personal preference. A shorter trip like the one your taking however, I may consider to rent one and drive myself simply to save time and see and do more.


Now that we have driven our own car, I will never ride another bus. It is definitely quicker. You can come and go as you please without waiting for a bus. There are transportation shuttles and they come regularly, although it is often just a short walk.
No crowded buses at then end of the day full of sweaty people, rude people or crabby kids.


We always rent a car. It’s quicker driving yourself. You walk out of your resort and into your car and go, no waiting for a bus.
The only park that it isn’t is MK, as the others have said.
You’ll love being able to just come and go as you plesase.

I don’t know if you have already rented the car but if your a BJ"s member they are having pretty good deals on thier web-site for rentals.


I have driven many times @ wdw and it is quicker, but I’m cheap and don’t want to rent a car


No crowded buses at then end of the day full of sweaty people, rude people or crabby kids.[/QUOTE]

What??? That’s not how you like to end your day? :laugh:


Thanks all. We’ll actually be at the beach for 5 days prior to our WDW stay; we’re driving down to see my parents so we’ll have our own car. I’ll let y’all know what we decided to do when we get back, still just tossing the idea of transporting ourselves around. The thought of not standing on a crowded bus late at night with two tired kids is very appealing.


We always rent a car and drive ourselves. Its much quicker getting in and out of the parks. There is nothing worse than waiting for the bus and its too crowded to board so have to wait for another one or dealing with people on the bus. It also irritates me to have to go to several resorts or stops before getting to the park I was visiting. I took the bus one time and that experience was enough to never do it again.


It’s definitely better to use your own car if you have it with you. Parking is free, never a wait for a bus to or from the park, no stops other then the ones you want. DD can be a hassle to find a parking spot at night.


Since we drive to WDW we always have a car.
I love being able to drive to the parks, I always dread the days that we split up because invariably I’m the one that has to use the bus system.
I have infinite patience to wait on rides and shows in the park :happy: but I seem to always run out of patience waiting on the buses. :mad:


We always rent a car and drive ourselves. It’s for sure quicker. For MK we drive to the Poly and park there, then catch a monorail to MK. For Epcot, we park at Beach Club and walk. Disney Studios and AK we use the regular parking lot. It’s always worked out.


Well, yes, it’s what I live for, however I’m gonna bring my car from now on. :laugh:


We always drive to WDW, so we have our car with us, but we usually use WDW transportation. However, last August we stayed at ASMo, and the busses were awful! We drove to every park. MK is inconvenient, but all the other parks are fine. That said, we have stayed at POP several times, and we rarely use our car when we are there. We almost always take POP busses.


Kids, don’t try this at home! Seriously, the resort lots are NOT for theme park parking. Nooooooooo…


Mom is that you?? :laugh::pinch:


Haha! LOL… I got a HUGE laugh from that! :slight_smile: :laugh:

But I am still sticking with my public service announcement to ask theme park visitors to park in theme park lots. It’s the right thing to do. Ah, I feel better. :wink: :happy:


We have always drove our car there but than used the bus system. but now thinking about it we might use the can this time except for MK. after our experience on one bus with my DD having an astma attack I think if we would of drove instead it would not of happened.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;1022367]Haha! LOL… I got a HUGE laugh from that! :slight_smile: :laugh:

But I am still sticking with my public service announcement to ask theme park visitors to park in theme park lots. It’s the right thing to do. Ah, I feel better. :wink: :happy:[/QUOTE]
I have a different idea about this. IF you are staying at a Disney resort, then I do not see the difference between a resort’s parking lot and a park’s parking lot.


Well I usually park at Downtown Disney when I drive and stay off site. :biggrin: Take the buse to the comtemporary then monorail or walk over. :happy: