Drop off at the park


Does anyone know a way where someone can get dropped off at a park without going through the parking area?


get dropped off at a resort (poly)and ride the monorail.


Hop on a bus from a resort?

I guess I’m not sure why you’re trying to do what you’re trying to do… some details might help us make suggestions!


I was gonna suggest a drop off at a resort or DTD. Depends which park they are going to visit. Also…maybe someone knows if there are drop off spots at the parks themselves. I know DLR has a 15 min. parking area for pick up/drop off…don’t know about WDW though…


I think I remember seeing drop-off spots, but not 100% sure.


You can get dropped off at the Ticket and TRansportation Center, next to the Polynesian and take the boat or monorail to the MK. You can drop off at the Contemporary and make the short walk over to the MK also.