Dropping off at the park


Hey all! I hope you guys are having fun. Yes I am still on my vacation from Disney but I have family coming in for a few day and have a question.

They will be staying with us and would like to spend a few days at the park. Since we are not going to the parks at this time* where is the best place to drop them off and pick them up.

Can they get direct access to the parks from DTD? Are there better location?

I know you guys have the best info and can’t wait to get your feedback.


  • Yes we will be driving them around. Yes we are not going to the parks even when family is in town…have to put our money into our house (which is starting to come along very nicely, our guest will be here while we are ripping out our kitchen :pirate: so maybe they will ditch us after a day).


Not sure this is what you’re looking for but i’ve dropped ppl off at the Dog Kennels right next to TTC, then headed back to my resort.

btw, Park transpo doesn’t go to DTD. On Resort buses/boats do, same for Boardwalk.


There is no park transportation from DTD. They would have to take a bus to a resort, then take a bus to the parks.

Each park has a guest drop off area. Go directly to the right most booth of the park you are at and let the CM at the gate know that you are dropping off guests. They will direct you to the guest drop off area.

Another option would be to drop them off at one of the monorail resorts. As I’m sure you know, its a short walk from the Poly to the TTC where than can take Disney Trans to any park.


Coming in 192 or Oceola Parkway use the EPCOT Resorts for EPCOT or HS. Drop at the Beach Club if they are going direct to EPCOT and go in via the Int Gateway. Drop at the Swan or Dolphin for HS. They can walk the path to HS or take the Friendship boat. Drop at AKL for AK. Drop at any resort on the monorail for MK. The GF Wedding Chapel parking area is the easiest.
If coming in on 536 or 535 you could try Port Orleans as an alternative to EPCOT Resorts and others and they can take a bus to any of the parks.


I’d have thought dropping them off at the nearest resort or TTC (depending whats closer) would be the best option, that way they can get themselves to wherever they wish to go, and you could pick them up from the same location. Whatever option is closer for you will obvously be less time consuming and so once you’ve dropped them off you can carry on with your day!


You can drop guests at the TTC.
I wouldn’t drop them at DTD because they won’t have direct access to any parks from there. DHS and AK have guest drop off areas and at Epcot you could drop them at the kennel, but you have to get through the toll barriers. Not sure how they handle that.
You could also drop them at the hotel nearest the park. That would work best for Epcot and MK. Then again, you could drop at TTC and let them take the monorail to MK or Epcot.
And of course, there are buses between AK and Epcot, AK and DHS, and DHS and Epcot.