Drowning at CSR


A women died this past weekend while swimming in one of the quiet pools. My prayers go out to her family.

LAKE BUENA VISTA – A tourist from Colorado has drowned at a Walt Disney World resort.

Nancy Heizer, 58, of Colorado Springs, was pronounced dead Thursday night after another guest noticed her floating motionless in a swimming pool at the Coronado Springs Resort, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

Guests, including a registered nurse from Maine, tried to resuscitate the victim. Cathryn Paolucci, the nurse, used an Automated External Defibrillator provided by Disney employees but was unable to restart the woman’s heart, records show.

Heizer arrived Sunday for a weeklong stay to attend a conference of the U.S. Figure Skating Association, records show. Heizer worked for the skating association.




I read about this on another board, it’s so sad. My prayers are with this woman and her family.


How very sad. Her poor family. Can there be any worse place to die than WDW? A place that’s only suppose to bring happy memories.


This is very sad. My prayers are ascending for her and her family.


Oh dear. This is happening too much lately at WDW.

Very sad.


What a horrible thing to happen. You go on vacation to get away and have some fun and something unexpected like this happens. It’s just so sad. My prayers are with her and her family.


This is actually more traumatic than any on ride accident. At least those can be slightly concealed, victims being taken backstage and out of view. It’s pretty hard to ignore this amount of activity at a pool. On a semi-sarcastic note, I’m glad this didn’t occur on Mission Space. Can you imagine the cries to close it down now? I am saddened by this event, sorry for all involved.


Oh,how sad for that lady,but honestly,if I were going to die,I would want to die at WDW.


That is SO sad :c(

Prayers for their family. :c(


Such sad news…thoughts and prayers to her family.


I agree!!! Next best place to Heaven!! Still sad for the families, my prayers go out to them!!!


That is so sad, something like this can only leave bad memories and I really feel for her family!


This brings back a terrible memory for me. It was the first time we were staying at POR (Dixie Landings, then) and my dh took our dds back to the resort to swim while I did some shopping at DTD. When I get to the resort, I see a helecopter taking off. I asked a woman what had happened. And she said some little girl had almost drown in the pool and they were airlifting her to the hospital. I swear my heart stopped. I didn’t know where to run - to the pool or our room. I ran to the pool and ran almost right into both my girls - they’ll never know that my knees almost collapsed when I saw them. I never heard what happened to the little girl.


That must have been awful.

I am so sorry to hear of this woman’s death.


OH, Llama. I understand exactly what you mean. Thank GOD both your girls were just fine. I bet those few moments were terrifying. Literally, filled with terror.



Sorry to hear about this. Any more news on what exactly caused it? Did she try swimming and really couldn’t? Was it at night or daytime. I wonder how this will affect the other Disney pools.


Maybe they’ll be more updates tomorrow. How sad. I didn’t dare mention this in front of my kids today since we are staying at Coronado next month. And speaking about kids, I never let them out of my sight when we’re anywhere, especially around water, and the beach.


Very sad, but strange. Every WDW resort pool we’ve ever been to has at least 3-4 lifeguards on duty at all times. I wonder if she had a seizure–my daughter is an epileptic and can’t even take baths.


This is so sad. My heart and my prayers go out to her family. :heart:


It happened at a quiet pool which are actually less crowded than the main pool.

I read that there was head trauma and that she was swimming with friends. She either slipped and fell or hit her head underwater against the wall.