Drug store at disney that delivers?


We leave in nine days (just my DH and I) and my DS came down with strep throat. Just in case (keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed that we won’t), does anyone have a name of a drugstore that delivers. We usually bring the normal meds for cold, headache, etc, but what if we need something stronger? I’d feel better having a name and number on hand. Thanks.


They Deliver all over property ,just a call away .
But dont know about the stronger part unless you have a presc…


Turner Drugs
12500 S Apopka Vineland Rd
Orlando, FL 32836-6723
(407) 828-8125


Thankyou. This is just what I wanted. I figure if we need to call our Dr back home, it would be good to have the info handy.


You r welcome!!!
You can see there PT Cruiser going around property delivering stuff ,and always in the way of DME busses all the time that is why i remember them LOL


Probally wouldn’t hurt to go see him before hand and get a script in case it does get worse. Perhaps he can give you some samples to take along just in case. Can’t hurt.