Drug store delivery


For the first time in 20 trips we needed some over the counter medicine. Nate ended up with a cold and a cough that needed some general OTC cold meds. We went to first aid at Magic Kingdom to see if they had any cough medicine. They told us state laws changed in January and they could no longer dispense cold medicine. However, they gave us the number for Turner Drugs and said they would deliver to our resort or any of the theme parks. I had heard of Turner but hadn’t need to use them until now.

My husband called and talked to the pharmacist who recommended a couple of things to help with the symptoms. The medicine was delivered within a couple of hours to the front desk of our resort. We didn’t even have to be there to pay for it, the front desk took care of it and charged it to our room while we were enjoying the parks. The delivery fee was only $7.50-well worth it. For that same delivery fee they would have delivered soda, water, and snacks with the medicine.

If you ever need a pharmacy Turner is probably the easiest choice. I’m sure WalMart is cheaper but Turner is very convenient.


Thanks for this information. It’s good to know if we ever need it.