DS finally has the Disney Gene!


DS likes disney but I didnt think he loved it as much as I do. I thought he was missing the “disney gene” . But I think after 4.5 yrs his disney gene has finally surfaced.

We are leaving friday morning for WDW and this week has been the longest week for ds (he is 4.5 yrs old). Every morning since last weekend he wakes up and tells me how many more sleeps until our vacation. Last night he asked to look online at the rides so he could tell me what he wants to go on and what he doesn’t. At least once an hour when we are home together he runs over to me, hugs me, and says “I am so excited”. I think it was Monday he made me take out a suitcase for him and he began packing himself up. He picked out his Mickey bathing suit, Power Rangers towel, swim shoes, arm floatees, and several outfits and threw them in the suitcase. I am surprised he didnt pack his toothbrush already. Then at 6am this morning he started to gather the toys he wanted to bring for the 3 hour car ride (vsmile, all his vsmile games, color wonder Lightening McQueen coloring book, Star Wars coloring book, Disney coloring book, leap pad, leap pad books/cartridges, crayons, and color wonder markers/fingerpaints). As a surprise we bought him a new vsmile game and the movie The Wild which he will get friday once we hit the turnpike.

Little ones are so cute when they are excited about a trip. Now I just hope this is not a tease and he actually goes on the rides he claims he is going to go on. We will see soon enough…two more sleeps!


Fun Fun Fun!!! I’m so lucky to live with two guys who love Disney ALMOST as much as I do. It’s so cute to overhear DH and DS talking at night before bedtime about what ride they want to go on first!! :heart: We’re all so excited!!!


DD and I were like that when I was younger - DM would go to bed early with DB and DS, and him and I would tear up the park until they kicked us out.