DS Mickey Mouse Birthday Party


Okay…so I stole a LOT of ideas from The Caiser’s (Erin’s DD) Minnie Mouse Party! SHe had lots of good ideas!! :angel: I thought I would share some of what I am doing for my DS, Joey’s 4th birthday because I had a hard time finding ideas on the web. Thanks for letting me share. :heart:


So, what are the plans???


Here is the invitation (Erin’s handywork, really - I totally STOLE this idea from her) - but she gave me permission…I think. :wink:


Yay! I rock because people love my parties!! I wish I could do this for people! The invitation/planning thing!

Your party will be cooler, though, cuz you’re just cooler by default! :wub:

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


I am 98 - how could I possibly be cooler than you? :wink:


We looked all over - stores on the web…and couldn’t find a Mickey Pinata so we got a generic one and I spray mounted a Mylar Balloon to the front. Inside are: Pixie Sticks, ring pops, Kit-Kats, Lick-um-sticks, Lolli Pops, Gum and all sorts of sugary treats…After we break it open all of the kids will get a Mickey treat bag to collect their candy and bring it HOME (I am sure my freinds and family will love me for that!) :tongue:


We have both girls and boys coming…here is a picture of a few of the Goody Bags…



I love it!!! You did a GREAT JOB!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


Ah! YOu totally stole that goody bag thing, too!! You’re are SOOO CUTE!! I love them!!

We should totally be sisters or neighbors.


Here is a close up of the tag for the boys bags…I used my scrapbooking materials…


Or here is another scenario - you are a kind hearted housewife/ mother/ teacher/ etc. and I am a thief that came along and stole you ideas…or we could have a party business together! :heart:


I love your pinata!!! So great!!! We just had our first experience with a pinata on Saturday at Caisley’s little friend’s party, and those babies were so cute beating up that pinata! You shoulda seen their faces when CANDY came out! FUNNY!

Your bags are WAY better, btw - I love the RIBBON on the girl’s stuff. You’re VERY creative. The pinata looks professional.

You’re rockin’!


The girls tags are a little fancier…


Paula, everything looks AWESOME!!! You are so crafty, I had no idea!!! I want to see some of your scrapbooking pages!!!

Everything looks great, really. Awesome idea with the Mickey mylar balloon for the pinata!!! ADORABLE!!!

P.S. I’m crashing the party…I want a goodie bag! :wink:


yeah the theif scenario works, too - just don’t go into business without me! :wink:


Here’s some of the junk for the little boys bags - I also have older boys bags and some baby bags - :closedeye I also have punching ballons in the bags - remember those - but they looked kind of weird in the picture :angel:

The Mickey lollipops are from the candy store on Main Street USA - my favorite Street in the world…my PDD is coming back…excuse me while I :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


I totally forgot about punching balloons!!!
Anywho…everything looks great!


And here is some stuff for the girls’ bags…I got those cute Cinderella coloring pages and tatoos at AC Moore for 99 cents each!!! :heart:


Thanks CW :heart: - we have been playing with a punching balloon all morning…simple toys are the most fun! :closedeye


Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!