Ds wifi disney?


Is it true you can get wifi via disney?


Walt Disney World has VERY FEW wi-fi hotspots. A few of the resort hotels have a hot spot in a public area such as a portion of the lobby, but that’s it … nothing in the hotel rooms and nothing in the parks.


Yeah, I’ve only used WiFi in some resort lobbys while I was waiting for my room to be ready. You can use a line to get internet in some resort rooms but it costs money, unless you are a DVC member, then it’s free.


I believe that is someting we need to push disney forward on …here is hoping that they get enough inquiries that they decide to start adding more wifi spots,especially for DVC memebrs…but not just for us but everyone…


Have to agree here. Disney is VERY beind here. Almost all hotel chains offer this. It’s time disney puts this out there as a perk for staying at their resorts. I understand the need to make a profit, but they totally get tons of my money AS is…:laugh:


just think,while your here on the resort,another great perk is you are “free” to use some of your toys to tell others instantly and freely what a great time you are having…in the world of disney…wish you were here…


:laugh:good point


I believe that marketing is missing a golden oppurtunity…to leap frog the competition and make staying on the WDW property even more appealing…and to add to the theme WHY LEAVE???


[QUOTE=delmarjohn;1025192]I believe that marketing is missing a golden oppurtunity…to leap frog the competition and make staying on the WDW property even more appealing…and to add to the theme WHY LEAVE???[/QUOTE]I’ll play Devil’s Advocate …

Disney doesn’t want to introduce the theme of “Why leave your room???

Disney makes its money when people are OUT of their rooms. Guests don’t spend money when inside their rooms. If there are fewer interesting things to do inside your room, you are pretty much forced out of your room out of boredom.

I honestly don’t think they are losing money on lodging based on lack of wi-fi and/or free Internet access in their guest rooms.


They have Wi-Fi at the Grand California - Free to DVC owners.


Our local McDonalds has wi-fi. Disney needs to step it up for sure.


I for one don’t want it. I want to be off the grid. Put it in the lobby for communications but no where else.


I understand that. I don’t have a job that follows me when I’m on vacation so I don’t mind having a laptop along just for fun. We aren’t on it a lot but it’s nice to have in the room for our down time.


I heard that WDW will sell you lobby wifi.
Not sure if cable hookup included in Disney rooms since we stay a lot at Dolphin. They charge a $ 10/day resort fee which has the cable in it. Don’t get me started on this one!!! I’ve not tried the lobby at the Dolphin.
I don’t know that I’d use it. Sounds neat and all, but I can imagine the looks I’d get from my wife if I spent time in the lobby on my Mac<g>.


I understand where Disney is coming from, they want you out in the resorts and parks spending money. And I for one dont want to be tied to the computer like I am at home. However, both Paul and I have elderly parents, and it is re-assuring for us, especially being away for a long time, to be able to have e-mail contact with home to check on how they are doing.International phone calls cost a fortune,and mobile/cell phone charges are outrageous, so the free wi-fi we have had in European hotels has been a boon for us, and would be advantageous for us in WDW.
I can see both sides though.


my opinion is the feature would be nice to have ,period…whether work or play or just info,more isbetter and let the individual choose when and how to use it…