DS7's Disneyland Trip Report


So as I’ve been grumbling about, DS7 is at Disneyland with my parents while I’m at home. I give you the report as he gives it to me.

First half of Day 1:

"Almost the first thing we did was get a slice of pineapple. By Adventureland. I rode the Haunted Mansion and it wasn’t ONE BIT SCARY. Big Thunder was the best thing we did. For lunch I had penne and grapes and carrots and some of Ahma’s Cob Salad.

“We just checked into the hotel now and we’re going back because we have a Fastpass for Big Thunder. Ahma rode it this morning with NO HANDS all the way through. Next time I’m going to ride by myself in the seat because I’m allowed to do that. (Me: Are you going to ride with no hands? DS7: I might try but I don’t think so.) After we ride on Big Thunder, Ahpa and I are going to have a LEMONADE SLUSHIE!”

I received their Buzz Lightyear picture. (And yes, I’ve spoken to my mom about her hat! :laugh:)


This is too cute!!!


Ohh… It’s about time we get a 7 yr. olds point of view/TR!! Oh… and I love her hat, she looks like a very fun Ahma!


What a great TR! HM not scary at all and Ahma rides with no hands? Ahma is VERY cool!


Hey COOL:cool: photo, but never mind about going on Big Thunder mountain - It looks like some space ranger need some more shooting practise judging by the score :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: But hey still excellent for a 7 year old :rolleyes: :mickey: :tongue:


Hey I forgot to say
:wub: :wub: very nice report for one so young :heart: good work


Oh, this is going to be good. :wub: A TR through the eyes of a 7-yr-old! I am looking soooo forward to more. :happy:


I just wrote as close to verbatim as I could from what he told me on the phone! I tried to keep his flavor and emphasis. :happy:


L:heart: VE IT!!! What an adorable TR this will be! :wub:


Just got another phone call (I tried to take notes!):

Disneyland, second half of Day 1.

"I don’t remember what we did. We went to fireworks. They were good. This time it was THEMED! Like Splash Mountain themed, all that kind of theme. They’re good.

“I wanted to ride Big Thunder in the dark but I was tired.”

Disneyland/DCA, morning of Day 2.

"My score was 42,200! (For what?) Toy Story! It was fun. You pull down on a ball to shoot. I got some 2,000 targets! They have have lots of targets and some 2,000 ones.

"Today it was really fun.

"The Matterhorn was the first ride we did today. I’ve ridden it before and it’s good.

"We’re in line for California Screamin’. I can’t wait to get to the front of the line because I love this ride, silly! Ahpa says he can wait, but I can’t.

“Then we’re going to do something I do NOT want to do: Have lunch.”

Apparently he’s “go go go” all the time and is a little put out that he needs to take a break to eat.

Also, to pat my own back, thanks to my research and directions they were able to get right to the Toy Story Mania line first thing in the morning. My dad said he couldn’t imagine having to get in the line now- it’s absolutely insane.


This is going to be fun. I think Ahma looks good in that hat. She looks so happy.


No hands?? W00t! Rock on, Ahma. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Fun TR-by-proxy, Andrea and DS7. :happy:

And if I could just ride Screamin’ all afternoon, I’d totally want to skip lunch too.


Hey, you hit five figures! You’ll be a Galactic Hero in no time!

Thanks for the trip report!


Knock, knock. 'scuse me. It’s time for another phone call! :happy:


TR from the child’s point of view. Very Cool :cool: Glad he’s having fun!!

Lemonade slushies are the best!!!:wub: :heart:


DS7 cracked me up with this last phone call. He was really jazzed about something… but I had no idea what he was talking about. He really did begin the conversation just as I’ve said…

Afternoon, Day 2

“Don’t call me [DS7]. Call me Super Agent. Because I had top rank. I was driving. We had to save the city and we had to get through.”

What? Were you in the arcade?

“In the House of the Future. We went into there.”


“We had to get a guy named Havoc.”

And what else did you do?

“We did so much I can’t remember it all.”

You can remember some of it.

“I rode a few rides. I rode Star Tours twice. I rode Big Thunder twice. I had some of Ahma’s pretzel. I had watermelon and Sprite and water.”


This is ADORABLE! :wub:

I :heart: it!

MORE . . .


I’m waiting for another phone call! I’m feeling like a neglected Mommy! :laugh: Usually I talk to him once a day, but when Disneyland is involved, I expect frequent updates! :laugh:

All I know is that if he gets to go on California Screamin’ today, it will be WITHOUT my dad, who called me to tell me he was completely green from riding it yesterday. I said he was perfectly free to wait with DS7 in line, then put the kid on the ride by himself.

Also, I know there will be more 7 year old suffering (along with other indignities like having to stop for lunch), because my parents love the Aladdin show, but DS7 really doesn’t want to go. (My response? “Tell him you like the show and he’s going.”) DS7 thinks a show might be too “girly”. Apparently 7 year old boys have a deathly fear of anything that might be girly. :laugh:


Heehee…I’m lovin’ this TR by proxy…and I am in need of more please!


I like this TR. It is always great to hear things through the eyes of a child.