DS's research project


Just had to share this with you. DS(5th grade) couldn’t wait to see me after school today (yeah, that probably doesn’t happen all that often :huh: ). They are starting a “research project” via the internet. Researching a famous person and writing a speech to give to the class upon completion. He said most kids chose presidents, there were a couple of authors, and Davy Crockett. Guess who DS chose . . .

Walt Disney!!! :happy:

He said, “Mom, you’re gonna love this when I tell you.” He was sooooo right. How fun is this going to be??!! Yep, that’s my boy! :wub: :mickey:


See!! Thats what Im talking about… Why cant I have a child who LOVES Disney as much and me! :pinch:


See, my kids are totally BRAINWASHED. They WILL grow up to L:heart: VE Disney as much as me!!! :laugh: :laugh:


It’ll happen. Really it will. The book will help . . . :wink: :mickey:

She WILL love Disney. She WILL love Disney. She WILL love Disney . . .


i did a project in 7th grade on Walt Disney! My teacher wasn’t sure i should be able to do it because she wanted a more influential person:pinch: :blink: but when i turned it in she said it was one of the best reports she read becasue it wasn’t about someone who she has read a report about a million times lol

Hope he has fun with it!


He will have such a blast doing it. I hope that my children will want to do a report on Walt Disney, he was an amazing person.


So glad you son decided to do Disney. He was/is such an inspiration for following your dreams.

DD & DS both did projects on Walt this year school year. DS is doing a story telling project using the Briar Rabbit Stories. My kids are both Disney fanatics.