DT live from WDW


Hi everyone! We are at WDW right now and we’re having a great time. We’ve been here a few days and the crowds seem to be ok and the weather has been good.

We had a wonderful dinner at Victoria and Albert’s Wednesday night. OMG was it ever amazing. It was everything I thought it would be and so much more. The girls in our group did the 2 hour Segway tour this morning and had a ball. I was really nervous about it but it was fun. Tonight is dinner at 'Ohana and EMH at MK.


So Awesome Stephanie…have a GREAT time!!!


Have a wonderful trip! You can continue your TR anytime… =)


Enjoy your trip!


Glad to know that you are having such a great time! I look fwd to details and pics


So glad you’re having such fun Stephanie! We want to hear all about V&A when you get home, continue to enjoy! (take lots of pics please)


Sounds like your having a blast!! Any plans for DHS this weekend?


I’m looking forward to a lot more details about V&A! Sounds divine!


Glad you’re having a good time! I hope the weather continues to be good for you!


It’s about 2:30 am and we just closed down Magic Kingdom. The later it got the shorter the lines got, by about 1 am everything was a walk on. Time for bed.


Yeah LIVE report!!! Love that you are reporting and having a great time!


Wow!!! That’s one of my goals is to make it til Midnight at Magic Kingdom one of these days. I can’t even imagine 2:30am. I’m proud of you! Hope you’re having a wonderful time, and thanks for the updates. So fun to hear!


Party at the World! :laugh: Too fun!


That was our first evening EMH we’ve really done at MK. We usually hit the parks early and are too tired to stay that late. We made it an easy day and took a nap that afternoon and slept in the next morning. It was fun and it really didn’t seem too crowded. I’m sure we’ll do it again in the future.


I’ve always wanted to stay in MK super late and feel like I own it. Maybe I might be able to talk the guys into staying one night. DH will be an issue, he normally falls asleep while watching the tv at 8:30pm.


Nate and I are on our own now. My DH had to fly home today so he can go back to work tomorrow. I feel a little guilty but I’m sure that will pass by the time Nate and I hit MK tomorrow. We started the day in Epcot, sent mike on his way about 3:00, and Nate and I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening at Downtown Disney.


I’m surprised we made it until 2 am, we’re not usually late night people. However, we planned an easy day and rested and didn’t plan an early morning the next day.


Oh that stinks DH had to head home. Hope you and Nate enjoy your time together.


Love live TR’s! Keep it coming!


We just rode Big Thunder 4 times and didn’t have to get off-- yea!